DJI launching an app to allow ANYONE to view your flight info

Some kind of remote drone ID app for Joe bloggs, is it a concern?

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Oh great…

It was bad enough that you could pull all these details with a laptop and a bit of knowhow, now they’re packaging it up in to a smart phone app that anyone can use :man_facepalming:


One reason to have other drones available, not made by DJI.

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So, is this a good reason not to update your drone software?
After all if it’s flying and responding fine then “why)” update it.

And old Inspire 1s and P3s :wink:

Oh, and firmware mods :grimacing:

I said this would happen! I warned you all! But did you listen? No you didn’t!

As the prophesies of JC! No not him, James Cameron. The machines will rise as a disobedient force and our wives will know we’re not at the supermarket. Our bosses will know we’re not enroute to clinche that all important paperclip deal. Our nefarious activities in remote fields will be exposed to everyone, wellies and all.


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Don’t like the sound of that, going to get a lot more people bothering us if they release that


.700 is your friend :wink:


“The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will impose remote ID requirements in July 2020.”

This sounds like the rocky road to the end of the hobby!!! More stupid crud making the hobby pointless!
I can just imagine an army of do gooders and drone haters having a field day with this! time to stop any further firmware updates,or to get a mod which will broadcast to the app,!feck off,keep yer beak out" or something else… Seriously,guys the way things are going it will be no fun whatsoever flying a drone…:wink::wink:

Ok so I’m not familiar with dji firmware but I now have a personal project,
With my computer I have modded the firmware a few times now (what overclockers do) I have modded and installed various makes of firmware to the graphics boards as well as doing hardware mods successfully ( took my pc to 3rd fastest globally) an example being just adding a tiny resistor boosted power input to whatever I set it at, so operating frequency went from 1200hzs to 2200hzs and could go further, and the processor from 2.3ghz to 5ghz.
So I’m thinking maybe this can be done with dji firmware.
Right or wrong?

Sure it can, it’s only an Android device under the hood :slight_smile:


Check out Digdat0 on YouTube for the easiest and best guides

Steve’s a good guy


Not happy at all, one issue I have is trying to find locations to fly where I won’t be pestered. I follow the drone code but doesn’t stop nutters out there coming at you

Now they will be able to install a app, see where the pilot is and come and find you, probably going to be a lot of drones on ebay shortly



@PingSpike always looking for a bargain :wink:


I quite agree man.

Its one thing to give the drone location and drone related info…but the pilot location too??? Naaaah thats not good too much private info being given out from 400ft up across god knows what area as your flying across it. :-1:

DJI feeling that they have to bend this far is too far for me. Thats MY data.

If we’re sharing pilot location then I’d like everyone in the country to share with me their location data whenever they go do something they enjoy.



No doubt you’ll all be removing your number plates from your cars as well to stop people identifying you while out and about.

Seriously, I have little objection to remote drone ID so long as pilot ID and location can be disabled, and I don’t recall these being required under the EASA regs? Would they not violate privacy and data protection law?

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I have no issues with drone data being given out but pilot location is too much, fine if we’re causing a disturbance and professionals are called in…you know when we’re causing chaos at the local airport (imagine that being an actual thing! :grin::wink: ). As you’ve suggested, surely pilot location is a data protection thing?


The other issue is know it alls coming at you saying you are breaking the drone code cos you are flying at 600’ when actually you are flying at 300’ above a hill but the drone is 600’ higher than the take off point and they don’t understand the fact it’s 400’ above the ground directly below the drone. so then you have to spend ages correcting them.


Even if the data was only available to emergency services, if the drone is transmitting it, it can be picked up by anyone. Ok, ways to do it on a laptop, which takes some knowhow, but to be able to just install on a mobile phone is not on

Spot on, turn off pilot location and ID