DJI low noise propellers

Do the DJI low noise propellers for the Mavic really make enough of a difference to justify me spending £10 a pair?
Has anyone tried them?

got some but untested as yet.:grinning:

I bought them as well. Used for a few flights and back on the standard ones.

They are slightly quieter and a different pitch. The sound of standard mavic ones were never an issue for me and felt the low noise ones looked less durable.


My LED illuminated ones are of the “low noise” style … but (a) I don’t notice any difference, and (b) chances are the LED strip is creating its own noise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must admit to being surprised by the noise of the Mavic out of the box.
All the neighbours were looking over the fence when I first tested it in the garden.

You never had a Phantom, then … :wink:

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Check this thread out @Abacus :smiley:

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I’d seen that thread :+1:t2:

Just out of curiosity, say I fit these propellers and while I’m out flying I break a couple. If I was to replace them with the non-low noise propellers (as that is all I have in my bag), will it have any significant affect on performance/handling? Should you replace like with like or can you get away with a mix?

Always use as a set of 4 matching make/design!! Always!


Just to confirm Daves very sound advice.


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Cheers @OzoneVibe, @milkmanchris - will bear that in mind if it happens (which I’m sure it will at some point).

Far better not to damage props. :+1:


@GADC_Committee @OzoneVibe @PingSpike @milkmanchris

Please can you explain why my post on this thread of about half hour ago has been deleted?
Is this censorship :thinking: :thinking:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face: