Low-noise Mavic props now available to order

Be quick, limited stock available:

Just got email and ordered 2 pair :+1:

3 pairs for me, just in case…

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Platinum coloured tips were already sold out by 6am this morning, only gold remaining.

But I’m thinking gold would better match the accents on the Mavic Pro anyway, right?

I’ve not ordered yet… I’m still on the fence on this one.

I’v hinted to the Mrs for some of these as stocking filler ideas! (early I know! LOL)

Had problem with link you provided. Took me to the US DJI store where I went through the whole ordering procedure only to have it blocked at the end due to ‘country mismatch’. Tried the Euro store and the props aren’t yet on sale there. Bummer.

Weird… I just went to the UK store and they’re still showing up as available:

Yup, the gold ones are still in stock, 5 - 7 days for delivery…

Yep, just found them (looking in the wrong place) but…too late. :frowning: All low-noise props out of stock as of 11:45am this morning (Wed.). Double bummer.

£10 postage on a £10 item!

Gold for me…

Wow, they went fast

Really!!? Thats unessesary… think ill wait for them to appear on amazon!

Think I’m the only Mavic owner not that bothered about getting them. I will replace eventually but I’m in no rush.

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Back in stock again, 10 - 15 day delivery…

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Confirmed. Just ordered two pairs. 15-20 day delivery for me. :frowning:

Went for gold. How about you?

I’ve never seen the platinum coloured tips in stock (anywhere). I think they’re just an urban myth :smiley:

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Yep, gold for me too. It said 5 to 7 days when I got my order in, we’ll see…

6 days later and despite it saying 5 - 7 days for delivery, they’ve not shipped yet. :frowning:

Anybody got theirs yet?

Nope, but I was quoted 15-20 days.

Seen a video recently that does show some noticeable reduction in noise when the props are fitted to a standard - should we now say ‘classic’? - Mavic Pro.

Original Mavic lol

Still waiting here, but they will arrive when they arrive I guess