Dji M2Z

only had the M2Z a couple of months so still getting used to the controls and camera settings a pano and edit in LR.


Love the detail in the sky ,the zoom camera is seems to be somewhat underrated !!!:+1::+1:

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If I had the money, I’d not bother with the P, the Z seems to be as good with the added benefit of zooooooooooooooom!


Have to say,IF i could find an mp zoom,aircraft only,i would would buy one,as i can link it to my sc…

Track down a zoom camera/gimbal on ebay and you can swap them over really easily.
@callum has done this just recently.


Yep,read that a while ago,but being a lazy bugger,would rather just buy a complete m2z,drone only,trouble is none seem to be available…

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One of the benefits I noticed with the zoom is that at 400ft things look much higher, much like the MP.

The M2P field of view is similar to the zoom when fully zoomed in.

So the zoom dosent really get you much of a closer view but is much more flexible.

Really liking the zoom.

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Mavic 2 Zoom + various filters (For Sale - £800)


Tempting,but ONLY want the zoom aircraft…

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Buy the lot and sell the bits you don’t need? :grinning:


Maybe in the future it will be possible to buy a UAV and a lens that can be attached depending on your requirements just like we do today with buying a camera.

It’s possible today @Fitou143 mate :wink:

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