DJI Mavic 2 Pro FCC hack for GO4 on iOS (sorted!)

Hi guys.

Just thought I’d share this with the group. I Stubbled across this Hack for iso the other day and installed it to my iPhone and iPad last night and pleased to say it works.

Follow this guys step by step guide on YouTube and your sorted.

All the best




Just need this for the smart controller now🙂

Nice find @Ashmav mate :clap:t2:

Any issues since?

Does this check still work: How to tell if you are in CE or FCC power mode using GO4 ?

Can you side-load other apps on to the SC @DJIGuy?

No issues at the moment. Unfortunately I will have to keep renewing after 7 days but it’s only a 5 minute job to refresh it. I am looking Into jailbreaking my device so it can be permanent. Any help on that would be great by the way.