DJI Mavic 3 and Mini 3 Pro - What mapping software/app do people use for mapping?

Can I ask please what software/app do you use for mapping

To do the flying, or post processing?

To fly grids, I use Drone deploy for my P4P, and Litchi for my Mini 2.
Post processing - OpenDroneMapper, or Pix4D on their ‘free trial’ using a burner email

Display and ‘fiddlin’ with the data - QGIS

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Sorry I forgot to say it was for mini3Pro and mavic 3 as I looked at maps made easy but they don’t support these two drones

Have the SDKs been released for either of those drones yet?


SDK for the Mini 3 Pro isn’t out yet, and given it’s the new generation of DJI SDK expect to be waiting a while, people seem to think about a year from release but I’d think longer for this one (if they even release it at all, there’s a growing sentiment that they are only going to release SDK for enterprise drones as a way of artificially segmenting the market, which is already something they do for example with their non RTK drones not GPS timestamping images)

Personally with the Mini 3 Pro I just suck it up and fly manually, if you want to shoot 12MP then the continuous shooting at 3s intervals is great for that, for 48MP I just go conservative and take more pictures than I need

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For ref on the DJI forums, they said end of August but newer info says no plans to support in 2022.

If/when it does release I’ll be using DroneLink as it’s a one time purchase (although a bit pricey at $99 for the mapping functionality)

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Fell out with them when they sent silly with their pricing after been beta tester for a long time :frowning:

:frowning: Sad to hear that, is DroneDeploy free for acquisition? The full licence is also ridiculous for an individual

Slight update here, SDK appeared back on the list today:

Don’t get your hopes up though - it was there before and then got removed.

Don’t do this to me my heart can’t take it :laughing:

Mini 3 will be a great little mapping machine for use in more crowded areas. Even 30 m separation can be hard to get, so having something with a good camera that can operate autonomously in the A1 class is going to make quite a difference for some jobs.