DJI (Mavic) Mini 2


Just in time for the Xmas rush.

A new release of “Something” scheduled for Oct 14th!

Pundits reckon its something to do with surveying/mapping solutions from DJI :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Some talk as to what appeared on the FCC database two days ago.

Interesting… 4K & Occusync

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Thought I added this FCC stuff last week which confirms it’s on the way - I guess not :thinking:

And spotted on a wholesaler site earlier, since removed:

Both of these would be great additions.

To keep under the 250g limit I’m not sure what else they could add, these were about the only things missing from the original Mini.

Where does this leave the Mavic Air 2 now though :man_shrugging:

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Over 250g



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Henrick may have got it wrong though eh…?

Seems odd/a bit naughty of DJI to release a new version so soon.

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In the immortal words of Graham Norton:

“Not at all!”

I’ve not been on the DJI forums for quite sometime but I wouldn’t be surprised if DJI identified a significant problem with the MM. But rather than address the issue they’ve chosen to release a fix and call it the MM2. It wouldn’t be the first time. In monetary terms it’s a win win for DJI.

Cynically Yours



Longer flight times and better in the wind plus HDR video plus RAW image files assuming they don’t upgrade the camera too much. I gotta tell myself this after paying double the price of an MM on my MA2 :sob: :rofl:

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Oh and obstacle avoidance system too :grin:

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Easier to fly the MM come EASA time :wink:

I would have thought that might push the MM over 250g.

4k is possible with a firmware upgrade; the sensor is capable of that, but that wouldn’t necessitate a model revision.

Occusync… Yeah, new model revision (new controller & internals).

@Nidge You’re right, it’s win/win for DJI, but frequent or increasingly frequent model revisions is going to un-nerve consumers.


Hey Ned I mean that they are features the MA2 have that the MM2 probably won’t have because of the 249g weight restriction :+1:t2:

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I am more surprised that DJI would release a new drone,before the class certification comes into play ??

Ah sorry mate, I misunderstood

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No worries mate I was probably not clear how I worded it :grin: