DJI (Mavic) Mini 2

No way :slight_smile:

Their plan is to release uncertified new models now, then release newer certified models when the regs change and fleece everyone all over again :rofl:

They ain’t daft :wink:


Good point Rich had not thought of that,i will only upgrade my DJI kit when this is sorted,still fly my MP2,but now well and trully into the money pit that is race quads,love em… :wink: :wink:

Prices for Mavic Mini 2 leaked by the Adorama web site :shushing_face:


Apparently this guy just walked in to BestBuy and bought one over the counter :rofl:

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Ocusync and 4K.

I think that might be reason enough to upgrade right there :grimacing:

That fucking remote control though, it’s anything but “mini” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No obstacle avoidance or Active Track, it would seem.

Level 5 wind resistance is same as Air 2, old Mini was level 4 so that’s an improvement!

That’s ok, the Mini 1 doesn’t have those features either :+1:t2:

No - but some would probably like them. Just flagging it,

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Indeed - I don’t ever use either on the MP - so, in that respect, and with changing legislation, it may be an interesting prospect some time next year for myself.

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Courtesy of @ianinlondon :+1:t2:


I can’t wait for Ian’s no nonesense and unbiased appraisal of the mini 2.
I have the mavic mini and Air 2 and both have performed outstandingly. I realised the mini’s limitations very quickly and the Air 2 was purchased not long after to bridge the gap. I just hope the regulation goal posts don’t change again for those that dive in and buy the mini 2.
Now do I need another Drone?:grin:


One can never have too many drones… :sunglasses:


Could be an elaborate hoax @ianinlondon :wink:

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Assuming all the hype is accurate and having owned the mini 1. I would think that the case and controller were a backward step in my opinion, however both are trumped by the addition of ocusync 2.0 which makes it all worthwhile.
Still waiting to see what a Mavic 3 might look like though :laughing:. Interchangeable cameras, larger sensor and longer flight time would be a significant enticement.

And 4K…

So yes, my thoughts exactly.

Placed your pre-order yet?


I’ve not seen this controller in the flesh (same controller as Air 2, right?)

Do the joysticks unscrew and stow away in the bottom?

Yes, the pic on my vid shows them unscrewed.
Funny, I hated the new remote at first, but now love it and find the old remotes small and almost cheap to feel. And I really hated the bag, until I went hiking, then loved it…


I think I’ve only ever travelled with my Mavic Mini in my pocket :thinking:

The remote fits in one pocket, the drone in the other (cargo-type trousers).

Which means the new remote, with sticks also unscrewed shouldn’t be a problem either.

No, the quality of the box, printing and the actual drone was too good, especially considering the quality of the actual video made…:rofl:
But there have been a few others that ran to Best Buy and saw the boxes but couldn’t actually buy them…

What could be a hoax is the whole premise of accidentally selling them… But then look at Argos 2 years ago with the 2 Pro… Pre stocking worldwide runs risks…

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