DJI Mavic Mini - Conisbrough Viaduct

Hi All,

Newest video from the Mavic Mini, this time at Conisbrough Viaduct (Thanks to @mockingbird71 for travel tips!)

This is my third flight now and wasn’t my best honestly, i was wanting to do more “different clips” to help with transactions and views but it was very windy out and bottled it however, concentrated more on the editing side.

There’s a clip in the middle of it where the colour correction has gone crazy, just ignore that part, really unsure what happened but didn’t want to take the clip out and couldn’t fix it…

Advice always welcome,


Thank you! Yes colour graded the clips, was the weird colours in all of the clips? The error was around 1:40 where it seems to go darker… really unsure what happened

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Finders fee ?


If you’re available Tuesday afternoon

2.7k 30fps on all the clips today

Great stuff, did you locate yourself on top of the viaduct or the ground?

If on top of the viaduct how did the drone handle the change in height? Was it zero on launch then change to ground level or what?

I have been planning a visit up’t north to fly the Lambley Viaduct in Cumbria/Northumberland but every time I have been up there the wind has been an issue.

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Thank you @Shambleclown

We was on top of the viaduct, in terms of height, when I flew below the bridge it went into minus figures but didn’t have any problems.

Lambley Viaduct looks really nice, might have to take a trip there myself, the wind was a problem with me but the Mavic Mini handled it really well.

That is interesting to here about the height. Do you know the height of the viaduct above ground by any chance?

I believe it’s around 100 feet or so, not sure exactly

113ft above the river

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Looks great! nice work…

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