DJI Mavic Mini disappointment?

I’m struck at how the Mini is popping up for sale, obviously hardly used in each case.
Have they been a disappointment?

I’ve only had mine a week, and super impressed so far.

Although its to complement other gear in my case and to throw in a bag when I’m out on the bike/scooter/beach whatever.

If you fly it how we all should fly (cough) then there is little better for £400 that gives you a good hours flying, great photo results and also if you buy in to the EASA shite


I’ve only had mine for a week as well, and I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but I’m loving it. For the money I paid I can’t really imagine selling it on again even when I buy something’better’. It seems a really handy, quick sort of thing even for pro’s just to have a quick buzz around or look at something with.


A lot of Mavic Mini’s have been put up for sale as other drone users have now purchased the Mavic Air 2 and as such they are selling the Mavic Mini.
I’m holding onto mine. As Chris said, it adds to my collection. Great for the “quick blast around” especially if you are on the bike, walking etc as it weighs next to nowt.

Be care with the wind, if you get caught out with the wind effecting the drone drop altitude or even land where you are, if safe to do so. Don’t get panicked into pressing return to home. Sometimes this may, if your settings are set to high, cause the drone to fly higher and catch more wind making it harder or impossible to fly back.

Handy little drone quite impressed really.


With the numbers on re-sale and the pages of issues on other drone forums - the answer is probably YES
There are MUCH better drones out there - £400 aint cheap but its about 50% of a decent, well looked after pro ( se the quality sold on here ). But it is what it is - cheap (ish ) and cheerful ( ish ) until you get into trouble - then its a crock of sh*t and £400 goes down the old swanney. It IS however perfect for back garden flyers in Kent with zero wind and not wanting to go above 100 feet, kind of like a toy one that costs £40. Yes flamers, I’m in the group that thought DJI pulled a fast one ( but brilliant business ) in providing one at 250 gm weight to “captivate” legalistically worried flyers. I 100% accept I’m in the minority and a heathen. :slight_smile:


Plenty of them ditching M2Z’s in the drink too.

Its a tool and only as good as the dude flying it.

But £400 gets you 3 new batteries at a good 25 minutes flying time each, and the opportunity to add care refresh for £35.

If you want something that will cope with all conditions get yourself a decent used P4P for less than you’d pay for a new M2Z or Pro, but they are a bitch to lug around with you all day, and use all your hand luggage allowance when you’re going away ;o(

And looking at the EASA regs its going to be the only thing we can fly anything like we fly now without further qualification


Think I fall into that category as well Ted, not owning a single DJI product… :scream:


Yep, I get that - not that it will affect me but if i was in the UK id be getting rid if thats how the rules went - after the sheer brilliance of the “larger” drones i just couldn’t compromise that much. But there again, not everyone lives in the wilds like I do, so maybe its not so much of a compromise I guess. After my observations a couple of days ago, I commented in another thread, a guy had a mini up, and it was up and down like a brides nightie - breeze was 15-20 mph - my MPP was steady as a rock.


In the current climate there maybe some reasons that go beyond buyers remorse. I think the majority of purchasers of the Mini were first time buyers. Many of those purchases may have been made by those whom didn’t truly appreciate what the implications of owning such a camera would be. Add to this the restricted movement over the last few months, their Mini would be just sat on the shelf gathering dust, and dreams of soaring through the skies in high fidelity lost their allure. For these people the financial investment in their dust collector may now be needed for more practical/important uses.



I have had mine since the syart of lockdown - done almost 100 flights and I am super impressed with mine.

On the wind thing - IMO flying in wind is a not really worth it anyway. like trying to surf in a blown out mess. If its windy I will be hitting sky with a fast slope soaring glider.

Electric flying is a low wind game :slight_smile:


indeed, thats a perceptive comment - but I think it underlines the basic issue too - namely that the mini has been a “disappointment” for some wanting to gain entry to this fascinating hobby. I believe many buyers were mistaken ( by DJI’s blurb ) that this could perform as well as the ones they might have seen videos from. Time might well show that this is a “fair weather” intro level, but otherwise very limited. In the hands of an experienced flyer I have no doubt that it can produce some good stuff and indeed might have a high “fun” factor, but in the hands of a total beginner it might just be hard work. Sadly, they might have missed the boat when the A2 arrived, as its predecessor was a belter at the time. I agree with someone who commented somewhere that DJI are now too keen on getting the next project out before they have fixed the issues with a previous generation. It will be interesting to see the sales figures for the A2, or more importantly the frequency & quality of the updates to the mini & A2. Its these that ultimately decide the “disappointment” factor.

Well for what it’s worth I love my mini. Flying these things is tricky but I am getting there and considering the fun I have had I have to say I am very happy. I may well upgrade at some point but for now I would rate it as excellent.


I was persuaded from buying a Mini as I come from a photographic background.

My friend with an MPP said that the lack of control on a Mini would frustrate me.

I got lucky on ebay and bought an MP Fly More with ND filters for under £600, so not a huge amount more than a Mini FM combo.

Definitely worthwhile and a very stable and well established setup. My other drone friend with a Mavic Air was really impressed with the MP when he flew it, and he’s not trying to decide what to do next as his Air has died.

Go into the purchase with your eyes open, do your homework and know your own requirements.

The MPP friend now has a MIni as he ‘had’ to have one, and was impressed with it, and likes having the flexibility of something small to hand.


Bloody cyclists! :grin:

Runs and ducks for cover :umbrella:


Ruddy truck drivers… :grin:
Grabs coat and runs for door… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m curious what control the MP gives you that the Mini lacks (I own both)

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Ive got one and again I’ve only had a few weeks and it is my first DJI but I love it, it’s a fantastic little peace of kit , as I said I’m new and a learner but apart from the need for low wind speeds as its small but apart from that I love it and even if I go on to a bigger DJI in time I would still keep it as it’s so small and portable.


Control in the wind? :eyes:

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@silverfox682 Yup, you are!!:grin::grin::grin:
I’ve flown mine wide and far, as long as you watch your windspeeds. It’s horses for courses!! I like it as it fits into my cargo pants, gives me an overall view and, I don’t need a bleeding dedicated rucksack for it!! And it costs about a third of the dji pro drones. :sunglasses:


The MP is definitely more stable than friends MM and MA that I have tried, and is probably more immune to wind as mentioned by @TassyWass

My background is landscape photography, and the MM on release had little or no manual control over the camera settings, so was just auto.
It now has manual WB from what I gather, courtesy of a firmware upgrade.

The MP has shutter speed control and also +/- exposure compensation in flight, which make exposure easier, as well as being able to take raw images as well as JPG images.

Raw images are more robust than JPGs, so you can sort out your exposure and contrast more easily in post without the image degrading.

So, for me it was a straightforward choice, especially as the extra cost wasn’t horrendous for a first outdoor drone.

If I’d jumped in with an M2P and didn’t get on with it, that would have been a painful one for my wallet.

Other people will have different requirements for their drone, and mine would be to get the best possible ‘flying camera’ in budget.

I can see an MM being a lot of fun and so much easier to take travelling and to places where space is limited, back to horses for courses.

As they say over the water, YMMV.