DJI Mavic Mini (Fly As You Are)

Jesus, that’s minute!.. VLOS for the mini is only going to be about 30’… :rofl:

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I’ll let you know if ever it finishes charging up :roll_eyes:

Maiden flight planned for tomorrow lunchtime!

Anyone else flown theirs yet??

Nope, no flight yet, weather has been shite, with rain most of the day !, it’s all charged, App installed, ready to go (i think?).
Off to France tomorrow, it may just hitch a ride for the day you never know may get it up (so to speak).

Strange about the case, my usual supplier (Buzzflyer) were giving away a genuine DJI Shoulder bag with pre-orders.
It’s obviously been made for the Mini, so why didn’t they supply one as a standard with the Flymore, would have made more sense?.
Then you could pack it as you wanted, not be tied to the position of this, as it is in the supplied case.

Quick question, is the DJI Fly AP in the Android store?

I can download it from DJI direct but not find it in Google Play Store. Is this yer another example of a DJI product release before the support software is ready?


Links in the first post.

I found it OK by going to Go4, clicking on “DJI Technology Co” and it lists all the DJI apps.

Wasn’t expecting this until Monday but got a message this morning to say it was out for delivery. Got home to sign for it 15 mins before the driver turned up. Phew!

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That’s one way of getting past the limited video modes of the Mini. :+1:


Congrats :smiley:

Get charging :rofl:

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On it! Controller and first battery almost full. :grin:

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Will you lot stop posting all your shiney new Mavic Mini toys, I’ve actually looked at the stock in all the Argos stores near me and “luckily” they have no stock.
I know I said I wouldn’t want one but look how cute they look :blush: :heart_eyes:


They can’t be any good. Nobody here seems to have been able to actually get one in the air yet!


Flyaways … they’re trying to locate them. :smiling_imp:

It’s dark by the time I finish work :confused:

Charged it all last night, shall power it up for the first time tonight and calibrate everything.

We’re on a late start job tomorrow so weather permitting I’ll have time to take it for a test flight in the morning :+1:t2:

Much more than a breeze and that might well be the case!

Watch the skies tomorrow if you’re anywhere near Keele :rofl:

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Hence the invention of “Night Flying”. :ok_hand:

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I need a name for the Mavic Mini :thinking:

The Mavic is called Thunderbird 3, as it’s my third Mavic Pro.

The Inspire is called Enterprise, as it’s about the same size as its starship namesake :blush:

What to call the Mini? :man_shrugging:



Just posted mine. :grin:


I think that makes you the first @PunchyPariah :+1:t2:

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