DJI Mavic Mini - Return to Home button with no video signal

If I loose the view on my iPhone screen will there still be enough signal to operate the return button or do I have to rely on automatic return to home function to kick in?

I find if I lose the signal on my screen I just need to take the wire off and replace it from the controller that brings my picture back. And yes controller still work with no picture on ur iPhone

Oops! Forgot to say that I was referring to my DJI Mavic Mini.

Yes as @jimlad said, even if you turn off the phone and hit RTH on the controller it will come back

On the flip side, turn off the controller and it will initiate an auto RTH in a couple or 3 seconds

Its always worth a try with these features so you fully understand them ;o)

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Wow, that’s a brave leap of faith in technology. If you switch off the RC mid flight, will it pair with the drone if you switch it on again? One of you guys can try it first :flushed:. I’ve only managed three flights so far so still very cautious.

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Yes it will when it’s close enough. As long as the home point is set, it’s held on the drone so it’s always gonna come back (*in my experience)

It’s what happens when you take it too far out. You get the scary message ‘signal to aircraft lost’ :scream:

Auto RTH initiates after a few seconds and and the controller regains connection to the aircraft when it’s back in range.

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totally agree - you should test all variants of RTH frequently (make sure you’ve set the height correctly for your surroundings and don’t bump into anything)
The scariest one is just switching off the controller… it goes against all your instincts - first time it’s a buttock clencher!

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Its so scary :scream: when it happens but I always check my home point is set before take off . Even if calibration has been done .

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