DJI Mini 2 batteries are not auto-discharging

Dug my Mini 2 out today as it’s been hiding in its case for two or three weeks now so thought I’d charge up a battery and install the latest firmware updates, etc.

I was surprised to see all three batteries sitting in the hub were all still fully charged :thinking:

I’ll fire it up later and double check but I’m pretty sure I set them all to be 10 days each.

Anyone noticed if their DJI Mini 2 batteries are actually self-discharging correctly?

I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure the original Mini didn’t self discharge. My mini 2 has been hiding for a couple of weeks, let me check…

Still fully charged

Mini 2 has LiPo batteries, Mini 1 Li-Ion. Longest I’ve left my 2 is 2 weeks, they’d lost a bit which I assumed was as described in the manual.

Can you set that in the Fly app, I thought is was all auto on the Mini and 2.

Mine have lost about 10% after been in the bag for 3/4 weeks when I took it out yesterday

That’s right, it also didn’t need to as @Doodler points out they were Li-Ion batteries.

You have me doubting myself now, will confirm later.

The manual suggests I should see some depletion though :thinking:

Manual schmanual

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Just turned the Mini 2 on to install the firmware and check this:

Nope, you’re right.

There is absolutely no option in the Fly app to set the number of days for the batteries to discharge.

Does the Air 2 have this option? :thinking:

Anyway, original question still stands I guess, has anyone seen their batteries discharge more than 10% so far? :man_shrugging:


No it doesn’t. Or not that I have seen.

I thought all LiPo batteries discharged automatically?

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All “intelligent” batteries are supposed to.

Hey Rich no the Air 2 has no option to change discharge time that I know of. My Air 2 batteries discharge fast to around (65-70%) in about a week. Well it seems fast to me, not sure if that’s about the ballpark figures for every Air 2?

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Just checked the manual and it seems this is around the right figures for an Air 2

Weird… so it seems like the Mini 2 batteries are not behaving as DJI intended then :thinking:

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You’re probably the only one on here thats left them long enough to find out :joy:



Last flight 26/11 sat in bag since (hang my head in shame)

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Hmm, last time I checked I think at least 1 LED was off on all the batteries after leaving them for around 3 weeks. Not 100% sure though :rofl:. I do know that I charged them after the three week period so…

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Well, they are intelligent batteries after all, perhaps AI is already with us :thinking:

Just stumbled upon this… seems 72% is the magic number.

My reading of this is that the battery will discharge to 72% and then stay there?

(DJI Mini 2 - FAQ - DJI)

Isn’t that what I posted a couple of days ago @JoeC? :blush:


No, it’s entirely different… definitely.

In my defence, I’m a little bit tipsy :wink: :tumbler_glass:

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Mine (3} have been left longer than 5 days and aren’t discharging to 72%. Typically just over 90% after about 10 days.

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