DJI Mini 2 / Fly app - Height display stuck

Hi all, had my Mini 2 for about 6 weeks now and its been great apart from a few dodgy moments, bit of a learning curve on my side :grimacing:, anyway a strange thing happened this afternoon, took the Mini up to the pre set height of 120m and the height display turned red and I got the warning message, fair enough, did a bit of cruising around and decided to try the RTH, ( set at 30m) it kicked in and started to see the drone coming back and then descending, but the height display was still showing 120m in red. Even when the drone was starting to land the display was 120m in red. Restarted the app and it had cleared, a bit of a glitch methinks, but very disconcerting, anyone had the same probs???

Which version of the DJI Fly app were you using?

Which firmware version is your drone running?

Hiya, Yeah that’s the first thing I thought, its the latest app, 1.4.8 and the firmware is upto date 01.03., then though it was because I was using RTH and that’s what supposed to happen, but then thought, no, that cant be right, confirmed by some YT vids, strange, will have to give it another shot.

I mentioned my app froze a few times on my mini 2 but I blamed my phone, my firmware is up to date, one thing I did think of was I had not charged the remote it was down to 2 lights with the 3rd flashing and I wondered weather because it is plugged directly into my phone could this be a problem ?? I have cleared all unused apps on my phone etc etc charged everything so going to see what happens it’s a bit unnerving when your drone is a few hundred feet in the air you can just about see it because it’s still bright and you have no indication what’s going on, I pressed home on the controller & thankfully that worked, I will be taking it out again all fully charged and testing it again, I will do it in the park as last time I was in otterspool, so bit to close to the river Mersey & I was actually going to fly over the river to take a few pics, this experience has put right off that idea, I have not checked my flight log yet but I will do,

The official 1.4.8 is useless, check this post for a link to a test version, 1.4.8 1185, which I’ve been using without any problems.

The app didn’t actually freeze, it was just the height not counting down. I never fly without full batteries on the controller and the Mini, so It wasn’t that. Was out yesterday and it was ok, so maybe just a hiccup. What I am going to do, is get a raw phone with nothing on it, so there’s less chance of interference. Never had the courage to fly over water yet, always not far away and always in sight :grinning:

Thanks for that link, I’m gonna try that, I’ve noticed my videos had a bit of latency but thought it was just me. I gather the updated 1.4.8,1185 Fly app is a generic app for all DJI models? Excuse the the novice question!! :thinking:

Im going to take it out later and test it again, and if I get a problem I’ll try what it says on the the link Doodler provided, there was no indication of anything in the flight log

Yes, Fly is the generic app for the recent models including the Minis. Older models use Go or Go4.

Okay thanks for that, am just waiting to get hold of another mobile, dedicated to flying the drone and will download the link you sent. Thanks again

No, I looked in the log, same thing, its been okay since. Strange, will have to keep an eye on that.