DJI Mini 2 (Flymore + filters & props) - [Sold]

The deal when I bought the Mini 3 was that I had to sell the Mini 2… so here it is.

On offer:

  • Mini 2 with the Flymore bundle

  • Pgytech HD Filters (ND 8/16/32/64) [£50 new, I’ve used them only once or twice]

  • Master Airscrew Propellers (Orange)

Looking in the usual spots, £450 seems to be a sensible price for this lot, so that’s what I’m looking for.

I’ll post it out Special Delivery for £11 extra, or come and get it if you’re in the area (East Ayrshire).

The aircraft has a total of 1 hour 46 minutes flight time and is in excellent condition.

I’ve still got the original props from when I bought the Airscrew ones, so there are a total of five pairs of (genuine DJI) spare propellers included.

I’d rather it went to someone from GADC, so will leave it here for a week or two before starting to think about eBay (unless there’s a good offer on the eBay fees or something before then).


I dont need the mini2 as I have one, but what did you think of the MAS props? I’ve been thinking of getting some to try but are they worth it?
Plus its a free bump :grin:

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Ha! Thanks for the bump :wink:

Yeah, I really like them. They seem a bit quieter, and I dare say their claim to get longer flights is probably true (even if by a few seconds)… but mostly they look good and they do make it easier to spot the drone.

I’ll be getting them for the Mini 3 just as soon as they’re out - you can’t go wrong with a bit of bling :wink:

I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but have just bought a new kitchen so it’s all I’m allowed… £350 for an immediate, no hassle sale?

Thanks Paul. Unfortunately, I massively over-promised on how much of the Mini3 the Mini2 would cover so suspect I’d be in a spot of bother if I dropped the price that much already :wink:

No probs buddy, offers there if you change your mind :wink:

I’ll keep an eye on this as I look to upgrade from my first/beginner drone.
I love the look with the orange propellers.

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