DJI Mini 2 SE

It’s coming :smiley:

It will have OC2.0 transmission with 1080p instead of 720p and but it’s the 2.7K camera that makes it a SE. It will make the older mini SE with WiFi remote absolete

Leaks from Jasper Ellens:

Good find. I wonder what the price will be. Considering how little you can pick a Mini 2 up for nowadays, I would rather opt for that, than one of these, i.e. a Mini 2 minus the 4K camera :man_shrugging:

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My guess is that the Mini 2 will disappear (direct from DJI at least) and we’ll be left with:

SE 2 - £300
Mini 3 - £500
Mini 3 Pro - £700

Although they could try to push it a bit higher to make the Mini 3 look more appealing but I don’t think people would bite.

Then down the line you’d start getting £300 price jumps so:

Air 3 - £950-£1000
Mavic 3 Classic - £1400
Mavic 3 - £1700

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Wasnt the MIni SE a Mini 2 SE :man_shrugging: :joy:

That’s what I thought :zipper_mouth_face:

This Mini SE, from June 2021?


Had the older Ocusync/Wifi didn’t it? This looks like a Mini 2 with a lower res camera, so upgraded radio… That’s my take anyways…

TBH I was fine with the Mavic Mini photos and video, was the damned range and losing signal I hated! That’s the only reason I changed to a Mini 2 :slight_smile:

It also appeared on the FCC database today too:

The price is about £90 cheaper than the Mini 2 combo

A new video from @Windswept on the DJI Mini 2 SE:

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DJI Mini 2 SE
Ultra-light camera drone, effortless to carry. 1/2.3-inch CMOS camera delivers crisp 2.7K video and intelligent features.

this Mini 2 SE will appeal to first time flyers ,and will be DJIs entry level drone ,into the hobby, at a price that many more people will be prepared to pay.
priced in the UK at £439 for the fly more combo ,or £ 309 for the basic package, it will be a good way of starting off ,without spending vast sums on something that they might not find is not what they were expecting
it will be a good step up from the Mini SE and will benefit from better transmission and flying abilities ,


What is the difference between the Mini 2 and Mini 2 SE. I know someone who is thinking of joining the land of drones but do not know the difference.

@Foley we have moved your question to the thread on the Mini 2 SE, rather than discussing comparisons in someone’s For Sale & Wanted advert.

Mini 2 se seems to only have 2.7k Vs 4k on the mini 2 plus no digital zoom on the SE but 4x digital zoom on the mini 2,Mini%25202%2520SE%2520does%2520not.&ved=2ahUKEwilnMzhvaCBAxUbUUEAHYZABE4QFnoECBsQBQ&usg=AOvVaw2W5cnjrwXobpjGElGG_isz

wait a couple of weeks and there may be a price drop with the mini 4 pro coming out… maybe this week?

or it may be made obsolete to buy new

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