DJI Mini 3 ND filters

Amazon next day

Interesting to see how neutral they actually are (some earlier models of that brand weren’t).

You’ll get a lot of use out of the 64 and 128 for sure.

ND8 and ND16 unlikely to be of any real use on a f/1.7 lens.

Also whats up with the polariser - how do you adjust it?

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Just tried it and its fixed with the maximum effect being in portrait mode, a bit naughty that

Had this discussion with the owner years ago with the M2.
He seemed to have no understanding of how and what circular polarisation worked or why there isn’t simply a “max” setting.
Gave up trying to explain reflection angles. He just thought a CPL was a no adjustment needed fixed bit of glass that always worked.

Even on the non rotating cameras the thing was sub optimal most of the time depending what you were flying over and the angles.

Yes I agree and a lot of people think that a “Circular polariser” mean that it is just round!
The one I have for the mini 2 is adjustable. I would of held out for the DJI or Pola kits but I am away on holiday before they are released :frowning:

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Have ordered some of these too. Arrive Monday.

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I received those ones today, from Amazon as well, just have to wait for the actual drone to be delivered now, and who knows when that will be :joy:

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I’m interested in the Wide-Angle Lens but dji do not have it on there UK website but it’s on dji’s italian website but will not deliver to UK DJI Mini 3 Pro Wide-Angle Lens - DJI Authorized Retail Store

I see there is a couple of UK websites that are selling them but also heard that they might damage the gimble ? So do not want to take the risk of a third party product.

This is just my opinion of course, but polarisers on a drone are almost useless, circular or otherwise, and can only be effectively used in a limited amount of circumstances. In order to get the maximum effect with clouds they need to be adjusted correctly and be pointing 90 degrees to the sun, so no use for panoramas. On wide angle lenses they will create banding where the effect will not cover the whole of the frame, they can also introduce vignetting. They are useful for tighter shots where you can set the maximum effect in the area you want and then crop the rest later. Also very good for removing reflections from water, windows, car body work etc and can increase saturation a little. I have used the cpl on the mini2 only half a dozen times, the 8 and the 16 nd only to try out. I wish I had known this before ordering the whole set as the ones I got were available as singles at the time.


Polarisers are not high on my list of filters to use on a flight as the only thing I would use it for would be to remove reflections from a scene I had planned to shoot everything else can be done in post editing.
I think every filter will have some limiting factor but as long as its part of your flight/project plan and you understand what they do then they are just another tool to achieve the look you are after.

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They’re extremely useful if most of what you do is still photography and particularly if shooting around lots of water (tropics etc).
Yes you need to plan the shots ahead of the flight and adjust the CPL but thats no different to any other photo shoot.

Its very very rare my Mavic 2 Pro takes off without a CPL on it.

I do very little video flights and if im looking for wide angle i take the cpl off.

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My son wants ideas for a present for me, what do you guys think of these:

I appreciate Freewell filters do appear to be the ones but too much for his budget.