DJI Mini 3 Pro and iPad

Is there an easy way to get photos/videos from the DJI Mini 3 Pro to an iPad, maybe wirelessly?

And what programs are recommended for editing photos/video on an iPad.

I don’t currently have an iPad and am looking at maybe getting on to take on multi-day trips.


Hi Edison i use videoproc vlogger it’s free.

Thanks, but that doesn’t seem to be available for iPad?

Oh right thats a shame Edison well sure the other guy’s will sort you out mate.

Just download the Fly app on the iPad and use quick transfer

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Can I do this if my drone is bound to the RC controller?

Yep just don’t turn on the controller.
Turn on the mini 3/Mavic 3 and open the fly app it will ask to switch to quick transfer just follow the prompts.

To be clear, the iPad is not connected to a controller. You are just using the Wi-Fi on the iPad and the drone for connectivity

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iMovie is as good as anything to learn with and it’s free and made by the Appley chaps

Snapseed for the stills


Regarding your question about transferring files, see below. I can’t offer any advice on editing tools for the iPad.

I have used the DJI Fly app Quick Transfer feature to copy from the drone to my android phone (Google Pixel 6 Pro with latest updates). The DJI Fly app on the Apple store says it can be installed on an iPad. I would give that a try. Here is a video explaining how it works.

FYI, on my android phone I had to establish a bluetooth connection to the drone (DJI Mini 3 Pro) the first time to get it to recognise the drone in the app. Subsequently it has prompted me to use Quick Transfer each time I connect to the drone. Personally I find this works at a similar speed to a USB cable connection to my laptop, which I prefer, otherwise I have to copy again from the phone to the laptop. If you want to consume the footage on the iPad then I think this will be a good solution.

As I don’t use Apple hardware I can’t guarantee it will work, but maybe some Apple users can confirm they have used this…

Good luck :slight_smile:

Excellent, I think I will be investing in an IPad soon then. My laptop has difficulty editing video and is a bit cumbersome for me to take away from my desk.

Also available on iPhone

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The two iPads I have at the moment are the third and fourth I have bought for myself, and my partner is looking forward to her third one. I edit my films using Final Cut on the Macintosh M1. Both the kids are Apple iPhone/Macbook fans too…

However, give some thought to not using an iPad for flying a drone. Firstly, they are heavier than your iPhone/Android, making the whole system more cumbersome. Secondly, to get great film, we tend to fly when it’s sunny. What the iPad does when it’s sunny is dim the screen, making it very hard to see what’s going on. This is not a small problem.

Around these parts, if you want a big screen and control your drone in bright conditions, people are recommending the Tripltek - see here: I haven’t tried it, but if I wasn’t already invested in Apple kit, and was only buying a tablet for flying, I would go for the Tripltek despite the dreadful operating system. Nothing beats brightness in the sun.

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I have no intention of flying my drone with an iPad, I have the RC remote with screen. The iPad would be for editing video/photos after a days flying, especially when I am away from home for a few days staying in hotels. :smiley:

Depending on what you want to spend and how high up the iPad range you go, an M2 MacBook Air is a better and much more capable machine (and not much bigger to pack)

I will look in to that; I am currently looking at refurbished iPads with at least 128Gb.

Anything I pack has to all fit in to a smallish back-pack (a day-pack) that fits on the back of my wheelchair. :slight_smile:

I use the new ipad pro 12.9 with the M1 chip both when flying and editing.
It handles all the 4k footage with ease ,and is an amazing experience when flying with the Mini 3 pro.
An all in one package for the budding drone and editing drone bloke.
Go get one you wont be disappointed.
I chose not to get the rc with the diplay as the screen is too small ,.
When connected to the ipad the screen real estate is beyond awesome.

Yep the quick transfer works really well on my iPad Pro. Once you’ve downloaded clips, Lumafusion is an excellent app for really fast editing on an iPad .