Dji mini 3 pro just arrived

Dji mini 3 pro arrived today, well impressed with a wee drone and so quiet, will suit me down to the ground for flying in built up areas.
I am honestly well impressed with it.
3 photos 1st 18 photo stitched 2nd 48 megapixel, 3rd lower quality , i may have them the wrong way round


Will post a short test video in 4k@25fps from the mini 3 pro

1st test video of dji mini 3 pro!!!

not sure if ive been spoiled by the mavic 3 5.1k or it could just be an overcast day.

What do you think ?

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Or a much smaller sensor with no aperture control

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I am impressed with the mini 3 Pro.big thing that sticks out is how quiet it is. Ideal for tabbing up the hills with.

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Did you use a ND filter? :thinking:

Your a very bad boy

That there’s already a whole massive thread discussing the M3P.

Sorry. Not Sorry! :upside_down_face:

That’s handy

When the mini 3 pro 1st came out it was easier to find hens teeth. And many bought the flymore kit 1st, now you can get a mini 3 pro in two days but takes over 3 weeks to get a flymore kit

That’s my biggest problem, dodgy eyesight and now I can’t hear it as it’s too quiet lol

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Back when they where noisy as hell was comforting when you heard it coming to eye only bothers me when looking at my mini ipad or now the dji rc near sight is crap but can still see distance.mind you a mavic 3 far easier to see as is the inspire lol

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