DJI Mini 3 Pro lost connection to RC and Crashed.. Warning ⚠️ don't use 48MP

Just lost total connection to my Mini 3 :scream:

Came up ATTI mode then not connected to the RC

looked down and all 4 LEDs flashing :scream: and no response to sticks

It was 68m away and 113m up

After what seemed ages it decided to come home, but I was sitting on a bench under a tree :scream:

It came down into the tree branches but then stopped as I assume the bottom sensors stopped it

I still had no connection and it just waited there, I was just watching it, and even took a photo :joy:

Then suddenly it move right and hit a branch and came crashing down

It’s not too bad and powers up with no errors and connects :man_shrugging:

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This is becoming a habit


Me or the Drone :joy:

There are 2 reports but that is because I closed the app down when I lost the connection

Well that’s not right

but the other strange thing is the return home on the 2nd flight log is not shown :man_shrugging:

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Your usually the man for this,

Is that not because it was in Atti mode, no gps, I know very little so just a guess you may have thought of already …

I’m guessing it all works ok hopefully :crossed_fingers:t2:

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It’s going back to DJI the plastic piece of shit :scream:


These connection issues and poor signal strength and quality are why I didn’t buy one , it’s obviously a fantastic little drone but it’s had these problems from the start and that’s what put me off buying it .

Mines been bang on till last night, main board fault I suspect


After some more investigation, I have concluded that the disconnect occurred straight after I had taken a 48PM image :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

This seems to be a known fault and has happened to others

I will wait and see what DJI say but I suspect they will just replace the drone and controller

But to Other DJI Mini 3 users @group-mini-3-pro I would say be careful and

WARNING Don’t use the 48MP photo mode

That is interesting. I took several 48MP photos yesterday evening and all was fine. I have the latest stock firmware on both Mini3Pro and RC.

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Identical thing happened to me. 48mp taken, brief ATTI flash then disconnect.

Controller recycle and nothing helped. After a few mins it RTHd and just missed landing in a river 3m from the launch location (it lacks precision landing).

Only got connection back after power cycling the drone.

Given the pseudo 48mp mode isnt really usable anyway - far too many debayer artefacts to be of use i just dont use that mode.

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I do have an issue with mine when taking 48MP photos, it seems to take a while to “process” them and in that time if you move the drone it isn’t showing movement on the screen, seems to take a while to catch up.

Yeah exactly the same to the dot, but mine came down 4 meters away from home point into a tree, I had no control but just to watch it :scream:

I have taken a few in the past with no issues but not yesterday :warning:

I will look out for anything odd when I next fly. Thanks for the heads up @Sparkyws

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Sorry this has happened to you mate.

I’ve used mine a few times in that mode without issue but will definitely be cautious going forward

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It was funny me shouting at it as some dog walkers came past :joy:

I’ve also taken loads of 48MP pics before with no issues, hopefully, DJI sort it out

Anyway I’ll get a new one :grinning:

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Winning :trophy:

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There is always a slight lag of no response when taking 48mp images before they’re processed.
Its not SD card speed related as it does it on all of them and internal storage.

All i can guess is sometimes the CPU just gives up totally or some error on processing and it never comes back online properly.

My incident it was whatever stock firmware (no mods, no FCC, nothing) that was around in November last year. Using the RC-N1 connected to my phone.

It may have done it to me once previously in the Lake District where i had a similar incident but i may or may not have been doing a pano at the time - i cant remember.

In the case of my confirmed incident the logs just stopped - a brief “weak signal” and thats it. Drone at the time some 80m away horizontally and 40m vertically in clear line of sight and previously full bars on signal quality.

Definitely isnt a real signal problem as even when a metre away trying to land it didnt return, nor did USB cable cycling, RC power cycling etc.
Drone power cycle worked right away and the next flight happened without issue.

For me its not a huge issue as i very rarely use the 48mpixel as in most shooting conditions the image quality is far below what i find acceptable. The colour shifts and fringing in particular on bright high contrast areas arent easily fixable.

Related note:- plenty of people on DJI forum smugly proclaiming “it doesnt need precision landing, just land it manually” seem not keen on admitting the fact that if events like the above happen you’re entirely reliant on the automatic RTH landing accuracy.
A lot of flights take place for me off footpaths surrounded by trees, waters, sometimes roads etc. You don’t aways have a nice 30m+ open, obstruction free area to fly from “just in case”.
If it happened on my Mavic 2, im confident it would land within a few cm of takeoff. On the mini 3, its 3-5m depending on satellite geometry.


I had this issue a couple of months back.

The only time I’ve used it for taking snaps. Right next to the local duck pond.

The RTH kicked in after what felt like a lifetime. The drone came to land but around 7m away from me and literally was going to perch itself in the said duck pond😱.

All ended well anyway. I just thought mine was an isolated incident didn’t know there was an issue out there🤷‍♂️

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