DJI Mini 3 Pro - Precision Landing?

Only really hurts the first time it goes wrong, once bitten and all that

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I had it happen to me last week before the recent update. Just managed to restart the controller in time to stop a landing in the grass!

@Snaxmuppet Can you share the Airdata from that flight

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No idea how.

Get a free Airdata account , sync your flight data and share the flight,

It’s an invaluable tool, lots of threads here about it

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I’ll look into that… thanks :slight_smile:

Not so easy with a Mini 3 Pro with the RC controller it seems. I’ll continue to look because it does look useful :slight_smile:

@speatuk didn’t you get Airdata transfer working on yours

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OK… got Airdata to work with my RC controller. Dead easy… just log in to Airdata with my DJI account details.

As far as I can see, all my flights are there but I cannot identify which flights I had the controller freeze on me just from the data so I can’t find any flight where it froze. I had it freeze several times but can’t remember exactly on which flights it happened and as I have been flying at least 3 batteries each time I fly with me practicing for my GVC test I won’t be able to tell. I also use RTH a lot as it is an easy way to get the drone back so I can’t even tell from that.


I like Airdata though :slight_smile:

Airdate is a great program and a very valuable asset

I suspect the app crashed and you lost the video link but the controller was still connected (you can fly a DJI drone with no screen just the controller)

You still had control of the drone but probably panicked and hit return to home, in the meantime restarted the controller, because it’s the RC controller that restarted the app and you regained the screen

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Learn to manually fly home and land. It really is the best way to do it. Especially if you have the RTH set incorrectly because it got nudged by mistake or reset.

I rarely use RTH now (did when I was starting out - mainly thanks to losing the drone in the sky)


Back to precision landing

I have been back and forth with DJI and they are insisting the Mini 3 Pro DOES HAVE Precision Landing enabled and it was enabled at Day 1 of the Product Launch

I like most people who have the drone do not think this is the case

Please could you confirm your findings on this


I do not like hand catching and so use tarmac, concrete or a mat on grass.

I have been able to land on the mat with no major issues apart from my skills or lack of them.

I’ve only done a few flights, but the two occasions I’ve used RTH the mini 3 has landed within 3 or4 inches of the take off point. But I prefer to hand catch it now.