DJI mini 3 pro prop guards

Just received some prop guards, fit very easily and stable with no issues.

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Useful, thanks. Do you know how much they weigh? And where did you get them from?


I have a pair that came with the drone… just for practicing in tight spots and close to trees etc…

Not to shure of being sub 250g compliant anymore, or where I stand legally, or what happens if it gets picked up. Do they whey them or what??

Can somebody clarify this please??

Looking at the pic, I’m sure your drone now weighs over 250gms. Unsure whether PC Plod would pick up on this though ( most of them don’t know the actual law themselves, far less drone laws)

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Many do, perhaps OP does not fly A1 :person_shrugging: :

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The whole set weighs only 23 grams I got them fro Amazon

The whole set weighs 23 grams

Plus the weight of the drone ( which will be around 247-249gms, so total around the 280gm mark :wink::wink:

And Plus batteries :wink:

And your ID sticker

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How easily do they go on and off?

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Very :smiley:

Nice, If you have an A2 CofC or are indoors/rural. I’m tempted. Thanks, much appreciated.

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Ah here they are:


And a wide angle lens :wink:

From all my testing, the mini 3 doesn’t have a payload mode at all. Having put up to 75g of extra weight on it, there’s no warnings or flight distance restrictions that kick in.

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That’s interesting as the Mini 2 did and restricted you to limit the distance

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Payload mode for the propeller guards was added with the latest, v01.00.0450 firmware.

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Indeed it was:

So it either doesn’t work :rofl:

Or @Bobbysmile isn’t on latest (hopefully this reason).

Well from my experience flying 2 days ago on the latest firmware, the plus battery doesn’t trigger anything that I saw at least, which is 40g over the standard weight. I think it might be standard DJI bollocks

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