DJI Mini 3 Two Way Charging Hub drawing over 30 watts ?!

Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before, I did search but couldn’t find anything.

With the goal of finding the quickest turn around time I ordered myself a Spigen GaN1204 4 port usb charging station coming it at total power of 120w. Overkill I know, but I wanted a backup laptop charger and using the 4th port kills output of other ports, so I don’t plan to use all 4 ports.
Plan was to use the 2 usb-c outputs to charge 2 batteries in hub, 1 battery in the drone and a USB-A cable to charge the remote.

The following power observations were made using a TAPO smart plug with energy monitoring;
I’ve found the two way charging hub power draw highly dependant on the cable used and port of the hub used. If I use my google pixel 5 cable in either usb-c port the two way hub pulls 40w!!!.. Granted a bit will be a loss to the hub. But the same cable plugged into the drone shows 32W.

Now if I use my other usb-c cables in port 1 with the hub I get 33W, but port 2 gives 26w.
Same cable gives the drone a constant 32w regardless of the port used.

Can anyone tell me if the hub is more sensitive or more selective in some way, and if letting it take 40w will be a problem?

The hub will take a max 36w 12v 3amps

The Mini 3 will take a max 30w 12v 2.5amps


Thanks for that!

Are those SOOPII cables? I had a set arrive today and they would only give me 20w to the hub. You’re finding them okay?

Wondering now if I ought to change this usb charging hub for something different. :man_facepalming:

Yes they are, I have tested them with different devices and they work well and seem accurate

The charger I use is this one

UGREEN Nexode 100W USB C Charger Plug 4-Port GaN Type C Fast Wall Power Adapter also Supports 20W Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy S22, Pixel 7/6, Matebook, etc

That charger you have is no good as it has no 12v output, for some reason DJI only went to 12v 3amp max

You will be charging at 9v 3amp max

How strange. I’m sure at times the hub was able to get more than 27w [9v/3a] but certainly not reliably!

I’ve gone ahead and ordered the same as you to get better results.
Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the recommendation on the Ugreen power adapter, it’s a beast.

I ordered the Yx mini 3 charger and did a head to head between that and the 2 way charging hub being fed 36w by the Ugreen.

With each being tasked with a single battery, both starting from 13%, the Yx did it in 70 mins and the 2 way hub smashed it in only 40 mins. Is this what everyone else is seeing when charging at 36w too?

Clearly if you have batteries to charge and don’t want to mess about charging in the drone too and swapping about its a clear winner.

BUT… I put the battery from the 2 way hub on the Yx once it was done in order to get a temp read out and it was at 38 deg C !!! This is likely a bit cooler than the peak too as the full charge current 36w lasted about 20 mins followed by a 20 min ramp down.
On the other hand the Yx peaked at 27.6 deg C and finished at 23.8 deg C.

It’s really gotten me thinking about the stress the DJI 2 way hub puts on the battery by charging it at a 2C rate.

Anyone else had any concerns over this? The big selling point of the Yx to me at the moment is how much kinder it is to the battery and the 60% storage option.

On a side not, I just got myself a big powerbank as an alternative solution. I’m thinking the best way of charging quicker is starting sooner.

Full write up and data dump on the head to head to follow.


If DJI didn’t want you charging their batteries at that rate they’d not have gone to the R&D expense of building the support for it in the first place :slight_smile:

@PingSpike Very true.

I just hope the recommendation of the 30w charger in the manual isn’t their fall-back not to honour warranty on a battery if it happens to have been charged at 36w.

Also from their point of view, isn’t the warranty only 1 year and 100 cycles. So so long as it make it that far they won’t mind.

I’ve not read the manual but aren’t they recommending a minimum of 30w?

On the Mini 2, yes. I’d expect the Mini 3 to be the same.

Having re read the manual they do seem quite relaxed about it… The DJI 30w or other usb PD charger.