DJI Mini 4 Pro home point changing during flight

Does this mean after paying the £25 I am insured for 5m if my drone happens to fall and cause any damage?

Thats generally how public liability insurance works yes :+1:t2:

Hopefully your drone won’t fall and cause £5million pounds worth of damage :wink::wink::wink:

Have you looked at the map screen to see where the Home Point indicator is shown? This will tell you whether the Home Point has actually moved location (as you fear) or if it is still in its original position (which might mean it’s an announcement fault rather than an actual Home Point move.) Just a thought.


Check you don’t have poor satellite coverage, hover above your take off for about 30 seconds so gps to lock otherwise it could be waiting for GPS icon to turn white before it sets HP.

GPS icon RED = not enough satellites ** to get a GPS lock.

GPS icon YELLOW = enough satellites to get a GPS lock, but not enough to set HP

GPS icon WHITE = enough satellites to set HP

Honestly I would not worry as not relying on HP will make you a better pilot, fly manually back.

if it does set a different location HP be at ease it would have set it with good amount of satellites so if you continuing flying away from your real HP and lose signal leave sticks alone and just monitor your screen and the sky and it will pick up signal again on the way to last set HP at this stage you can then take control and bring it back home. Don’t cancel RTH until you have it in vision again.

If you’re not reassured by the answers, then why not restart the drone fresh out of the box as maybe technical issues started with updates you’ve done and a factory reset then update again might fix your problem

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Thanks for that Alfie. I get confused now and again with map bottom left as unsure best settings to have it in for safe manual flying back. When it first happened I had to compose my self like Captain Sully but not land drone over water :joy:
I did get drone back on first and also second time it happened. On main screen when flying, could I have hit something on there that changes home point? I would have thought, this was only something you can change when going directly into settings by clicking 3 dots top right???

Thanks for that Ice. When it updated home point while flying a distance from where I took off, I did not lose signal in an shape or form… While up and away in distance it just said “home point updated”

If it happens again, I will try your tip and do a factory reset. Just scared to fly now incase I lose drone. :disappointed_relieved:

I understand your nervousness, but don’t forget that even if the homepoint gets moved, the drone will only head there if you tell it to (or if you lose comms, but that’s unlikely to suddenly happen if it hadn’t already been happening in that location).

Have you tried the radar display rather than the map display?

I never use the map now, as I find the radar display is much more useful once you get used to it.

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Excellent Vid’ - thanx for your input and info matey :¬)

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Unfortunately I’ve not had much of an opportunity to fly my Mini4Pro, but I have a faint inkling that there’s an option of a Dynamic Homepiont when using the RC2. The controller has a GPS receiver built in so if DHP is selected and you move about the system will update the Home Point if you move a certain amount.

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After having the issue of home point updating itself twice in 2 different flights I looked on YouTube and found nothing special… But came across a video that shows you how to tap on settings, scroll right down and then an option to change home point, or can select home point to transmitter, so if happens again at least I have an option to do that, shouldnt have to but at least its a get out of jail card if it works. By way a member said it could have changed home point in mid flight due to picking up more satellites.

How many satellites do you guys wait for before even starting rotors up and taking off?

ps… Newbie to flying with a few nice flights under my belt. So glad I found GADC as you are all so friendly, so thank you so much… Also never knew you could upload videos here on forum. Could I add all my drone videos here in a separate topic for you to watch and give advice?

I myself at least wait until satellites lock & you hear the voice say ( home point updated ) I usually wait till about 12-15 then I usually hover it for a moment & usually double check it’s still locked on showing satellites in white, I then find as I go up & edge away it locks on to more,

Add your videos if you like in the videos by drone thread ask for opinions on what you maybe doing right or doing wrong & or what would look better, I’m sure you will get plenty of tips from those who know best, persevere & practice we all had to start some where & I’m sure you will get better over time, some pick it up pretty quick, some may find it a little more difficult but practice makes perfect :smiley:

Btw I’ve never done a video in my life, am only speaking on what I have seen others achieve !
Best of luck :blush:

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I always wait until the GPS icon turns white before starting the motors and taking off - usually has at least 12 satellites locked by that point


GPS lock depends of location and the environment around you, switching on your controller and bird and straight away taking off is not ideal unless it’s got plenty of satellites.

I would just give yourself time and do a quick checklist especially your safety features as I do regularly myself as it happened to me once after a firmware update my settings changed especially in advanced settings instead of RTH it set to descend which in my case that would have been disastrous as the county I live in is more water then land :scream: by the time you’ve done this your probably already good to go and hear HP been updated as you take off, go up a wee bit more just hover again get your bearings and quick scan this should definitely locked in the HP. Doing all this does not really take away from your flying time.

Your probably aware but always flick your settings from Cine mode to normal mode to Sport mode and back to the mode you will like as if you have it in cine mode or sports mode it will be actually running In normal mode even thou it’s not switched to this is as it’s a safety feature. :+1:t2:

Rich your definitely right :+1:t2: you can ask any questions even stupid one’s and your not ridiculed and feel foolish as we’ve all been there and still need advice.

All I say is before starting a thread is to use the search tab first as your probably find the answer anyway. :+1:

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Thanks again gents and do not know what I would do without all your help. Can I use GADC logo in future videos I do and also add links to great forum?
Will add some videos in a different chat for advice from great pilots on here. :+1::pray::pray::+1:

I don’t think there is a problem with promoting GADC, but I’ll leave it to @PingSpike to confirm ‘officially’.

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No objections here :slight_smile: