DJI Mini 4 Pro - Incorrect flight date

I am not a ware that I have changed any setting, but the flight I did yesterday has been uploaded to DJI and subsequently AirData with the wrong date and time.

I have managed to edit it on AirData to the correct date and approximate time but can’t find a way to edit DJI?

Does anyone know what may have gone wrong? I thought the time was gps based?

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Hi this is a thread but for the mini 3 pro it maybe worth a read & the work around maybe the same just a guess,

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I’ve had similar with the Avata 2.

Check the exif of any photos or video check the date on them , mine were also out by 24 hrs


Thanks for the link, I’ll read it properly at the weekend, I’m on a bit of a holiday this week.

On Tuesday everything transferred correctly then not yesterday, nothing has knowingly been changed, not even touched the memory card.

The dates are out by just under THREE MONTHS and the hours by 14 hours. The minutes seem ok from recollection.

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I found if I hadn’t connected the RC to the internet for a while and recorded or took pictures with the drone, it sometimes didn’t update the RC’s system date.

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The rc was connected to internet via my phone hotspot to uploading to dji (for sync with airdata.)

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Before or after you recorded or took pictures? In my case it was too late to upload the data, be it video or photos with the correct exif after I had already taken them with the corrupted RC date/time group. Obviously connecting the RC to the phone HS or other WiFi source would instantly update the RC system date. So vids etc after that update would be ok. There was no real pattern to it so I didn’t know how long it would take between WiFi connections for the RC to be affected. I connect my RC before I go out now and have not had a repeat of the issue since. :thinking:

I have been away since Monday and had a hotspot running on my phone most of the time (for my ipad.)

Got home about an hour ago and also the exit data was incorrect for yesterday but ok for the first half of the week?

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