DJI Mobile SDK - Litchi Beta Support

Does anyone know when Litchi will be supported for the DJI Mini 2? I read early 21 and here we are :slight_smile:

When, and if, DJI ever release a SDK for the Mini 2.

Try a quick search, this has been discussed multiple times in recent months.

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Took 11 months for the original Mini, we are still waiting for the Air 2 version, I wouldn’t expect anything this side of summer.

What feature of Litchi are you most wanting?

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I really want this too.
Waypoints is the main thing for me.

Waypoints isn’t supported on the Mini, not sure if they’ll add it to the 2

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The Mini / Mini 2 has some support in Litchi - the panoramic mode works on the Mini but that seems to be all.

If you try the waypoint mode it says not supported but it is on the roadmap to be supported. I hope so as for a panoramic tool its a little pricey.

The Mini 2 currently has no support in Litchi at all.

Later in the year maybe :man_shrugging:


Oh - that’s shocking - amazed at how different the two devices are.

Hope they get it sorted - I for one would like a few more features to work for the £20 spent on the app for the Mini

That’s more of a limitation of the Mini though, not the Litchi app.


Thank you all for your replies. My apologies if this question had already been asked but I couldn’t find it.
I understand that its about the DJI APK and I guess we just have to wait and see.

This Maven works for waypoints on the Mini and the MA2. So does Dronelink

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Waypoints would be great :slight_smile:

Waypoints are not a feature of Litchi on the Mini.

Maybe they will be on the 2, just have to wait for the APK

Why is that? Surely the sdk allows for it?

I did read somewhere on the Litchi site that WP will be added to the Mini, but no real news yet.

For the Mini 1, didn’t DJI say that it simply wasn’t powerful enough (in terms of internal processor power)?

I thought they put that out on Twitter, will see if I can find it again. So don’t quote me on that yet.

Do let us know if you find it. I don’t see why that would require any more CPU than quickshots. It might require more RAM than it has for complex missions.

When Dronelink introduced waypoint missions for the Mini (they beat LItchi by a good few weeks) the missions are only a sequence of joystick inputs, once connection is lost with the Mini (which it does quickly due to the WiFi connection) the mission is aborted.

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If it’s just joystick inputs, that goes to show how good DJI’s software is.

Unfortunately it also shows that there are major limitations on the SDK for the Mini.

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Or hardware limitations.

If was there Litchi/Dronelink would utiise it.