DJI 'Orbit' with a Tree - Sort Of

So there I was, playing with the Mini SE and I thought I’d have a g at the Quick Shots… They all work really well but I want to get a proper hold on ‘Orbit’.

I got the drone to orbit around me and it worked perfectly. Remembering the DJI tutorial I then had the drone hovering near a tree and drew a box on the screen covering the tree and effectively said to the drone… ‘Go orbit that’…

Its a good job that I did a classic newbie error and flew quite high.

Am I correct in guessing that when you use DJI Fly to do orbit quick shots that drawing a box causes an elliptical flightpath?

Are you supposed to just put as smaller block on the screen as you can and does the drone centre on the ground point or (in this case) the top of the tree?

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Hi @timxjr1300 I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

To do this just paste the YouTube link into a new line of its own with no spaces etc.

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@milkmanchris Thanks for doing that, I was wondering how its done :smile:

This might help

That’s the video I watched, “Circle” in that video. I noted that in that in this video they put a small box on top of the dome they wanted to fly round.

In my case a put a box on my screen that covered the whole tree… was that my mistake and where should I put a box and how big should that box be…

You were lucky - I’ve seen a YT video of someone trying to do an orbit of a water tower and ended up crashing into it :frowning:

@MartG1960 Indeed I am very lucky… I want to fly round some tall structures ultimately and so would like to crack this

After a narrow escape myself involving a navigation beacon ( I aborted it when I realised it was about to fly into the sea ) I usually do orbits manually - just a matter of practice coordinating yaw and L/R stick


Agreed, I also suggest learning to fly these things manually… It’ll take a while to get the feel and muscle memory, but compared to letting the drone make up it’s own mind, I say the safer bet is to learn to do it manually. Automation is fun for a while (in my case 10 minutes), but the idea of quickshots soon gets very boring and can of course end badly too. Practice, practice, practice and safe flying.


You’ll note they don’t show the complete circle flight, probably lost track and stop it haha

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I use DJI Go4 POI mode almost daily for inspection work and its always been faultless. Its such a shame that the POI quickshots in the Fly app is nowhere near as food as Go4 app. I used to place the drone directly over the centre of the structure, press C1 and then set my radius and heights, thennpress go. Always gave me annexcellent corcle and was abke to change height and raius on the fly. And more importany, you coukd set interval PHOTO! Why oh why are quickshots video only???

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So you buy the Mavic range

Or capabilities with the ‘lower range drones’ on board capabilities

What does Litchi do I wonder?

It’s an alternative way to control a drone’s flight. One could, for example, pick waypoints, altitudes, and camera angles on a map—even by using a computer before leaving the house. Then the Litchi app on your phone or tablet would control the drone to fly that route and take video or photos.

To be honest with you, I have not used Litchi, so other members maybe can correct me and provide a different spin on it.

(I have been following along waiting for Litchi for Phone to become compatible with DJI Mini 2)

Oops sorry double post!

@BadManners this from the litchi app description on Google play…

“Compatible with DJI Mini 2, Mini SE, Air 2S, Mavic Mini 1, Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro, Mavic Air/Pro, Phantom 4 Normal/Advanced/Pro/ProV2, Phantom 3 Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional, Inspire 1 X3/Z3/Pro/RAW, Inspire 2, Spark”

@BadManners Just discovered that Litchi is compatible for Android devices, IOS is still being developed

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Awaiting the SDK from DJI for the Mini2 and Air2S

It already works on iOS on lots of drones

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Sorry yes, I was just concentrating on Mini 2 and Mini SE… there is indeed a long list of supported drones

So anyway…

Take a few clips from the video at the top of this post, mix them up in video editing bucket (kdenlive) with a few other shots of the day and a bit of royalty free music and hey presto!

This isn’t about a high quality video because it isn’t… its about my first flight with an inexpensive drone (Mini SE) and having a go. Though the quality of the video I have on my chomebook is much better … damn youtube!