DJI (Osmo) Pocket 2 mega thread

You heard it here first :slight_smile:

This turned up on the FCC database yesterday:

They seem to have dropped the word “Osmo” from these though, which would fall in line with them renaming the Osmo Mobile to the “OM”.

But the model number still starts with an “O” :roll_eyes:


Launch date due on 20th Oct:


Is that not the current Osmo Pocket?

You’d imagine they’d change the form factor or camera or something :man_shrugging:

Unless they’re keeping the same externals/casing/gimbal and just updating the specs or the sensor itself maybe. Which is entirely possible!

Not sure - saw it tagged as something to do with the new one - but not so that I was convinced.

(I don’t have the existing one to compare it to.)

Further to Dave’s pic above, a few more have emerged in the last 24hrs too.

That little button on the right hand side isn’t on the current Osmo Pocket.

Looks like they’ve either added a third mic above that too, or, moved the existing second mic location.

That red line on the top and bottom of the camera isn’t there on the existing model either :+1:t2:

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I’ve read that it has wireless mic capability.

Did you read it in the first post of this thread? :smiley:

Wireless will be handy for some applications I’m sure.

The two built in mics are seriously impressive for the pickup / gain. But they’re a fucker in the wind, there’s no shielding at all. External mic is a must on a breezy day.

Goes all round, I think …


Probably … I forget. :rofl:

I think it will be enormously useful for pro uses … interviews and the like.

A big fluffy mic. :+1:

I’ve got a tiny fluffy mic which plugs in to the Osmo which is amazing at blocking the wind noise.

However, it’s also equally as amazing at blocking every other bit of audio too :rofl:

It’s like talking through, well, a fluffy mic :smiley:

Add the mask that everyone has to wear into the mix and you end up with something that is worse than the wind noise. LOL!

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Some rather Google-Translate stuff, here, I suspect, but …

… and it’s lucky that final “record” exists, too. :rofl:

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Automatic Beauty?

What sorcery is this?!

That’s it, I’m sold! When can I buy one?? :rofl:

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Tesco sell them mate. . . . . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Key features of the camera include:

  • Upgraded 1/1.7-inch sensor
  • 20mm f/1.8 lens
  • 140 minutes of battery life
  • New DJI Matrix Stereo audio system
  • Capture 16MP or 64MP images
  • Video resolution of 4K/60fps at 100Mbps
  • HDR video
  • 8x zoom; 4x lossless zoom
  • Redeveloped Autofocus
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That new Combo is £469.

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Seems like a decent piece of kit. Good price do you think?