DJI Osmo

Hi guys, just added an Osmo mobile so i can take some footage with my phone and edit it in with the Mavic. im hoping one of you guys may have one of these and can help me with the following?

  1. When i mount the phone the app says that i havent got a phone fitted, im not using a phone case.

  2. The clamps that hold the phone squash the volume buttons so the phone menue keeps popping up.

What am i doing wrong?


Pinging @DroneUnit and @HE15RGP and @StevenPSCC and @BCF

As I think they all have an Osmo :blush:

(sorry if you don’t guys!)

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What phone are you using ? The phone needs to cover a little black marker on the frame its a bit like a remote control window, this tells the Osmo there is a phone attached

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I have the Osmo Mobile and I also Have the Osmo Pro Combo

The Osmo Mobile connects to the my Apple i Phone 6s Plus Via Bluetooth and the DJI Go app

The Osmo Pro Como Connects to the same Apple 6s Plus But Via Wifi and the DJI Go App

This Video will help Ian

This next video shows a tip that may help here also

And for More OSMO Tips there is This

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Wow… super quick responses!! :smiley:

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We are Quick here in the City Of Salford :crazy_face:

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That second video solved it, i put a card behind and its working, thanks guys.

One last thing that any of the videos covered was when you tilt the handle eventually the phone cant balance anymore and sort of flops at the end of the travel

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I got an Osmo today. It’s pretty slick - but the Android app is hopeless. Literally not fit for use.

Seems to work okay with my work iPhone - but it’s so frustrating and puzzling that DJI just don’t care about the world’s most popular mobile OS!

I also had the detection problem, but taking the case off my phone solved it. If only the rest of the problems were so easily solved.

Trying to decide whether to buy the Filmic app for my Pixel phone…

You won’t regret putting down the cash to buy Filmic Pro

Guys, enlighten me about the Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro opens up your phone settings to give you “professional” results it goes way beyond what your stock camera settings are, with things like zebra stripes, focus pull, and many other manual functions. It’s well worth the app cost £14 when I got it. Pleanty of you tube videos on how good it is.

Sorry but I have the standard Osmo not the mobile version.

There are lots of good Tutorials On YouTube, Part of the fun is leaning from others and this Site really helps.

I am please you got one thing sorted, I use the Osmo Mobile with a case on and It works well for me ( the case I use is very fine black leather and the iPhone 6s plus has a ballistic glass screen protector fitted ) And Its balanced perfectly.

@Areofoil You might find a tip in this as to how far you can move between boundaries of the angel and 4 modes of shooting angels Ian .

Thanks Steven - plenty of negative reviews on Google Play Store for Filmic! You’re using it okay with Android Oreo?

I hope this Helps Ian

I use iOS and iPhone with no problems, I can’t really comment on Android

Thanks - like DJI, Filmic prioritises iOS over Android.

The unwritten rule seems to be: if you don’t use iOS, don’t buy DJI…!