Dji phantom 3 firmware upgrade

I’m having real trouble upgrading my phantom 3 to the latest firmware on djis site. I’ve not used my drone for 2 years and I am wondering if the version that was on the system was too old? I’m getting no help from the dji techs. Any ideas greatfully recived.



Welcome to the Grey Arrows Drone Club @AndyW

I am sure someone ill be along soon to help you. My area is more with The Mavic Pro but this might help for now Andy

Kind regards


How are you going about the update there @AndyW?

Are you updating from within an app on your phone / tablet? (if so, is that app itself also up to date?)

Or from DJI Assistant connected to a computer? (again, is DJI Assistant up to date?)

I’m un-zipping the latest firmware on to the root of the camera SD card on board the drone directly in my pc then re-installing the SD and powering up the drone.