DJI Rapid battery chargers for MP1 and MP2

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Hi guys, regarding the third party rapid charges for the DJI batteries, you posted about a month or so ago in the ‘Today I treated myself…’ thread
I can’t find one that suits the MP1 batteries, everything on Amazon now is for MP2
I know nothing about the MP2 batteries, are the connections the same?, will these chargers do the 1’s and 2’s ??
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The batteries are different. Once charger will no fit both.

Do you have the link to the post about M2 charger you were looking at? That would help.

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@Steviegeek for the MP1 I use the “advanced hub”, rather than the standard hub, along with a 100w charger. This allows me to charge three batteries simultaneously rather than one after the other.

More details / photos here:

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There’s also …

or, avoiding China …


The one above is the one I have Steve, good charger!.made by “Tineer”
Just make sure the buggers earthed !. as a lot of the early ones had no earth point inside !.
Easily remedied with a small piece of cable to the ali case inside from the IEC socket.

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and another !. (from China)

or as an alternative?.

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This is the original link

By just saying the batteries are different has answered the question :slightly_frowning_face:
I’m looking for a quick charge solution so i’ll try to find the mating cables and build something up myself.
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Ah - OK - so the ones I posted above are identical … but for the M1P rather than the M2P/Z … so no need to find mating cables and build anything. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks guys, lots of good suggestions there.
I was not aware of the advanced hub, Interesting but I’d need to create a 100W charger as I don’t have the Phantom one.

So I think I’ll go with with the …

and avoid China at the moment in favour of our ex-euro comrades :smile:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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just re-looked at Chris’s suggestion and the

Is from the UK and 10quids cheaper so I’ll give this a try
I’ll experimentally and try it with a 100/120W charger (supplied with 80W) to see if it reduces charge times.
In controlled conditions of course :+1:

Also, I can run this off the car, so @chrisjohnbaker gets the solution flag this time

Thanks all
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good, that one.

Will be interested in your thoughts when you get to use it.


I’ll discharge all my batteries to 10% and them see total time to full charge all 3, using both chargers.
It will be interesting to see the differentail.

I can also power the charger with a very high current limit supply so I’ll see if this improves or whether charger internal limiting is the deciding factor.

watch this space…

Cheers Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Standing by…



Oh ye of little faith
I’m an engineer… trust me

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You’re out of date, Rich.

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Is that little rascal really an extinguisher or are you joshing ? :joy:
Cos if it is then its a belter and I want one or 2 - purely for when I’m charging of course as I have no ( I mean every ) faith in chinese tech ( although looking again it might originate in :the Fatherland" )

It’s genuine!

Very compact.

Seem some impressive reviews/demos.

UK source. An interesting website owner, too. :wink:

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I’ve just asked them (contact us page) if they have any test results for Litium battery pack fires and what extinguishant is used.
If suitable, could be standard issue at club meets?
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, some of us have to work :wink: :grinning:

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