DJI RC2 and HDMI out

Just found out the the RC2 controller has HDMI out. Seems to work perfectly.

USB C type to HDMI cable just plugs in.
Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to work with the RC controller.

To use the monitor with the RCN controller I use a Microsoft Wireless adapter. This works fine with my Android stuff, not tried it with Apple.

This monitor has a 12v out put which goes to the 5v adapter to supply the MS Adapter
ON the Android device you select Cast, Share etc and choose the MS Adapter. It then duplicates whatever is on the Android screen.

Works with Apple too:

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I prefer a bigger screen :wink:

Is that like a tele only smaller ?

I watched your video and subscribed to your channel the other day. Really informative. Just need to order the cables now.

Is it possible then that the RC2 controller can display to the Dji White goggles via the HDMI external input? And indeed to a crystal sky unit, same principle…

Sorry @KevNewton that wasn’t my video, I only shared a link to it

The DJI CrystalSky has HDMI-out only, there’s no HDMI-in.

Ive got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9… Would be brilliant to help my awful eyes out… Is there a way to input to this from the RC2? Been trying all sorts, but no joy. I hear for some reason Android doesnt work that well. Cant seem to find anything online…

Just looking on YouTube,
Have you a tv with hdmi that you can plug it into to determine if it’s the tablet or cable or a pc monitor maybe ? Just so you can narrow it down / test it,
Just reading a few threads on YouTube & people are pairing using a usbc to hdmi so I guess this does work can’t find anything about the Samsung tablet tho, unless maybe with dji’s updates may have broke it in a recent FW update at a guess. :+1:

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This should work

Yeah Im gonna try with an old monitor I got. Shouldve thought of that first, stupid… lol. Cheers

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Cheers, Ive got a cable already that Ill try, but Ill give this a go if it doesnt work.

Any clue if theres an app I need to put onto the android to get it to accept HDMI input? As I dont think it does it automatically

The camera app should work

This is on an iPad but the same principle

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Just tested on an old Android phone

USB camera view

Output my laptop to phone :+1:

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Ok, so Ive just tried with that app and failed. Which presumably means my cable is pants. Ill order the other and see what happens. Cheers