DJI Smart Controller - Early Pre-Flight Thoughts


Also,almost forgot to say,when updating,it got to 98 percent,than said "device connection unstable"so i thought oh bugger this has not worked,but when i checked again all firmware and updates were at the latest.:+1::+1:


Oh the joys of our cheap (cough) hobby


Have to admit Jeff when buggering about with all these firmware /software updates i sometimes think i must be glutton for punishment…but then ,when i fly…:joy::joy:


Yeh it’s same with most things these days Tony
I did a firmware update on my uhd blu Ray player last week and well I started to watch GOT from the beginning with the wife and it now won’t play my standard blu Ray discs
Damn you Samsung


EXACTLY you would think they could update firmware without breaking it!:disappointed::disappointed:


That’s the biggest issue with updates



Get enough Bricks,and and i could build myself a new house,:rofl::rofl::rofl:just for all the drone gear!


Pheweee!!! :sweat:


Something else ive just noticed,you can now set the amount of days before discharge on the mp2 batteries,dont know how long that has been available ???:+1::+1:


OMG i so need to do this too!



Ive not even spotted that option :see_no_evil:


It was on Mavic pro so I presumed it would have on the 2 from the go


Just wanted to say, fired up the M2P this morning, infact switched it on first then switched on the smart controller.

Whilst the smart controller was booting up, it connected to my M2P (can see this via a green led on the top of the unit) and immediately it offered me the Go4 app to start with and ‘Go Fly’ button was all ready to be pressed. Pretty quick and pretty seemless. No messing. :+1:


That sounds good but…

Ok as part of the PfCO training and good practice to prevent fly always the controller should be turned on first then the drone
If you think about it you’re drone turns on has nothing to connect to and that’s it I’m off :cry:


Makes sense I guess. No good letting the dog go and then hope to stick the lead on him after! :smile:


Just had an initial play with mine. As has been noted above, it’s quite a substantial beast and feels quite a weight in the hands. My old controller + phone weighed about 450g so the Smart controller is more than 30% heavier – probably similar to the old controller + iPad mini. It feels much nicer in the hand though and obviously much faster to get up and running. The screen is fantastic as one would expect for the price.
Hopefully, weather permitting I can do some flying tomorrow. I look forward to not draining my phone whilst flying. Another major advantage is the expandable onboard storage for backing up your pics.


So far ,apart from my initial problem of not connecting to home wi fi,am very pleased with my controller and can now say i am glad i bought it,the screen is great,clear and bright ,the controller itself is most definitely high quality and it has a nice weight to it and fits my hands very well.:+1::+1:I know it will not be for everyone,but for me personally,it is a no brainer,love it…:+1::+1::+1::rofl::rofl:


I had that problem, my 2.4GHz network didn’t show up (loads of the neighbours did). I was using channel 13 so I changed to a lower channel and it then showed up - I’m not sure that that’s the reason though. Once I got it connected, I changed back to 13 and it still worked.


@MadScientist mine could see my wifi,but refused to connect to it and i know the password is correct,got round it by connecting to my mobile phone hotspot :+1::+1::thinking:


Mine arrived today everything went well until the update for the waypoints and that just won’t work at all,network error every time I try. Didn’t realise you could hotspot it to your phone. I will try and find that thanks