DJI unlocking error in a FRZ

The nice people at Southend ATC granted me permission to fly in the FRZ with just 24 hours notice.
I got to the site and phoned them to confirm, all good to go.
Went to fly my mini 3 and authorisation required, clicked the authorisation button and all I get is “server error, try again later”. Well, I tried for an hour no joy. Went home (I live within the Southend FRZ) tried it again and it unlocked, but by then it was too late to get back to the site.
Anyone else had this problem?

Bloody DJI and their self-imposed restrictions :roll_eyes: You can see why so many people mod their DJI drones eh?

Which device/RC were you flying with @OldGit62 ?

Did it have a decent internet connection at the flying location when you tried to unlock it?

Top tip, sync/download your DJI unlocks before leaving home. :confused:

@PingSpike It’s a Mini 3 Pro with the DJI RC. Internet connection was fine. I have done it before and it worked fine. I was wondering if it was anything to do with the latest update a couple of days ago.

The only reason I suspected a dodgy internet connection was simply because you said it worked fine when you got home :slight_smile:

Out of interest, when at home is your DJI RC connected to your home wifi, rather than to a hotspot via your phone? (which I’m assuming it was out in the field?)

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Normally at home it’s the home wifi. But it always connects to my phones hot spot when out and about.
Today it connected to the phone hotspot and the map loaded fine, and I have never had unlocking problems in the past.
If I unlock at home I’d have to leave the controller turned on until I got to the site.

When download your DJI unlocks they’re stored in the device until their expiry date. That’s the whole point of downloading them before you set off out :slight_smile:

I’m also making yet another assumption here and that you requested the unlock via:

You’re assuming wrong. When I get to the site, I just go to take off and it says that I’m in Southend FRZ and click to unlock. This usually brings up 3 tick boxes that I tick and then it unlocks. Well it has every time until today.
I’ll have a look at the link in your last comment.

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It was all I had to go on.

So you’ve flown in a genuine FRZ before, having never requested an unlock from DJI ? :thinking:

Yes all I have had to do was as in my previous comment. Click the button, tick the 3 boxes. One time DJI text me a code number to put in the app before it unlocked, but other times it just unlocked. But today nothing.
Getting permission from Southend ATC is easy they are really good.

Were those previous flights all conducted under the same (single) unlock code? Hence no further requests needed?

How did you request that code from DJI?

It’s much easier to unlock at home and import the codes to the drone via the remote rather than pissing about at the location. Especially if mobile internet is flaky.

You can do it in app on the fly app if you’re in a geo locked space. They send you a text and you put the text in the app and you’re good to go. Assuming you’ve got decent mobile internet.

Id still rather do it before I leave the old fashioned way than risk a wasted journey though.

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@PingSpike No the first few flights were just unlocked without any code. The last one I had to get a text code, but today I did the same but it didn’t work. That’s why I wondered if it was something to do with the latest controller update released the other day.

@firstadekit How do you unlock at home and import the codes, because whilst I live in the FRZ if I try to unlock it I can just click “unlock” and it unlocks. I was only about 1/2 a mile from my home today and it didn’t work.

Follow the link posted above and register your DJI account, sn of your controller and sn of your drone.

Select where you want to unlock and it will make it available to import the unlock to your drone via the remote.

Most unlocks last for 48 hours.

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Hi mate. I also live within Southend FRZ (Westcliff) and had great interaction with ATC as well. Do you unlock the day before on the DJI Fly Safe map?

@DJHamer No, I usually do it on site just before take-off. But I will next time.

If you do you know your covered :+1::relaxed: