Do I get my fleet operator badge


“out surveying the field” in advance of the meet in May, this middle field is in excellent condition there is no mole hills unlike the large upper field. The upper field’s mole hills are dead but leaves the field a bit bumpy.

I decided to join the world of selfie imagining and since I didn’t have a selfie stick I used the Mavic.
The helmet and high viz is camouflage and works a treat out there…:smirk:

I couldn’t fit the helicopters in with that lot…:slightly_smiling_face:


Field looks great, I am however concerned by your lack of regard for decent safety footwear ;o)

Did we settle on a date I want to try book some accommodation and make an overnighter of it, I believe @sparkman999 is also considering same.


The footwear is an old pair especially for sheep poo.

As for the dates we all need to come to an agreement.