Do i sell or keep

Been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now .
I don’t get out flying much now and with all the bad press and rampant drone police in action .
I am thinking of letting go .
I live in Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District with loads of great places to fly, But feel i am restricted and always looking over my shoulder for the anti drone police .
Do i get rid or wait until November for the new laws coming in to force ?

Probably not a question anyone else can answer.

Would you get more fun from the money you’d get for it (not a lot when brand new Fly more £649), than you do from when you do fly it.

Personally I’d hate to be without mine, even though I’ve not used it as much recent months … and the reason for that is nothing to do with public perception/reaction, etc.

And let’s face it, that won’t drastically change with the new legislation.

I’ve still not encountered any negativity, myself.


Personally i would keep. I grew up in glossop and am dying to get down there to fly. I also have never had any bad public reactions. And most are curious andd positive. I found also if i am polite and engage with people they are more positive.

Keep hold of it and buy a high vis vest, wear it whilst out flying and you won’t get as much bother. Worked for me, people think your out working or surveying haha.

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Personally I’d keep it for the following reason.
The CAA will be sorting out the registration and rules for the end of October, this gives us a form of legitimising to fly. If anyone comes along and asks if you are registered (not that it has owt to do with them) you can reply ‘yes’ and it tends to make them piss of sharpish.

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Yep. Works every time for me. Can’t wait till we can get registered for the extortionate sum of £16.50. Much cheaper than a PFCO, which in reality only gives you permission to sell your photos but you have to prove you can fly, complete flight plans, logs and safe systems of work. AND fork out for an annual recertification. This will probably end when the online pilots test comes along and the CAA remove the definition between commercial and hobby flyer.

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I’m only a hobbiest mind, but I’ve had a few complaints even when I’m following the drone code, I think people just see a drone and think the piolit is upto no good. We’re not all bad guys.

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That’s my point. Once the registration scheme kicks in, everyone who is registered can fly in smug safety and not be pestered by the ‘jobs worth’s’ who think they can tell others what to do. It’s a British obsession is the want to control people. So once the scheme kicks in, you can tell em to ‘do one’

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My thoughts are £16.50 is a bit rich if (like me) you have several drones it could work out to be an expensive yearly outlay.
Is that cost per registration (per person), or per drone, or what?.

Per person or operator, so technically a club can be an operator and register once on behalf of all the members.

I just hope the CAA Registration system (due Oct 1st) “nips in the bud” those constant “pains in the arses” who bug us every time we fly (well, some of us, anyway!).
When it does come in I will have great pleasure in posting the “CAA drone registration” between the cheeks of their arse, and very politely tell them to “Piss Off” !.
Rant over !.

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That’s exactly the point I was trying to put forward, but without the cheeky bum bum bit. I will take great delight in telling them to fork orf, as I wave my registration card at them like Chamberlain did when he declared ‘peace in our time’

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better get plenty of copies done ! LOL

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Good idea

I will be take you guys advice and keep . See what comes along with the CAA .


I have to say Shane that when I go out to fly, I very rarely think of what other people think, but, I do respect peoples privacy.
Yes, I have had confrontations with Joe Public and Officialdom, but, I just put them down to ignorance of our Hobby by those people.
Does anyone take any notice of Hang Gliders?. Motorised Para Wings?,
Hot Air Balloons?.
If they do, it’s more out of curiosity than anything.
I/We have as much right to enjoy our Hobby as anyone else, without hindrance !.
Do not let the Minority put you off your Drone Flying, keep your drone and get out there and fly to your hearts content and never mind what “Joe Public” thinks !!.


Well said Chris!

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We are ALL hoping that the above will stop the “Farting In Church” of the Public.
I just hope the CAA have the sense to put out a News wide announcement to the general public, to inform them of the changes in Legislation come Oct 1st.
If they don’t, then the whole exercise of registration, is pointless in my opinion.

I have never had any confrontation as yet . Was just finding it harder to find a place to fly . All the bloody No drone signs going up everywhere . The nearest I ever got was a beach ranger in Weston . Asked me if I knew the drone code . I told him and then he informed me the time he started work and finished .
Fed up of all the anti drone signs and constantly looking over my shoulder …I cand stand up for myself and knowing how to play rough . But we should not have to …

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If I paid half as much notice of “No Drones” signs, I would not be flying today, I can honestly say I have seen 2 signs, one in Italy a few weeks ago.

The other on the gate of The Imperial War Museum, Duxford (rightly so)