Do screen hoods/shades really work?

I currently use a huawei media pad which works perfectly with the mini2. I originally got it for the larger screen size, and when bought the screen brightness was ok. Now that we’re into summer and even though I’m in Scotland, it’s impossible to see the screen. The screen brightness on my galaxy S21 is coping pretty well in the sun so I’m considering using it but loosing out on the viewing area as a compromise. Then I remembered seeing screen hoods, but before I buy one, do they actually work as well as their sellers make out? I’ll get myself a tripltek tablet eventually but at the moment it’s way out of my budget :frowning:

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I suppose they may help at the margins but the fundamental problem remains. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and it’s screen is rated at 800n - in sunshine with a hood this would be fine BUT as the phone heats up the system drops the screen down to say 400n and this makes it nigh on impossible to see the screen properly. In comparison the DJI RC controller has a screen rated at 1000n and because it has fans it remains at this level and the difference is astounding


Time to go Blue Peter and rake through the recycling bin for some suitable cardboard!!! At least I can test it’s usefulness before ditching the tablet in favour of my phone. If it works I have some very thin aluminium sheet, piano hinges, grey and black spraypaint to make a foldable one

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Some years ago I bought a wide brimmed hat, a bit like a cowboy one, by standing with my back to the sun it cast a reasonable shadow, just saying…

A Mexican sombrero has a huge shadow but doesn’t fit in with our English Countryside, you’d get audited by countryside auditors….:clown_face:

I uase screen hoods for the Ipad mini 4 and the regular sized Ipad and have had them out in bright sun and found them to be great. Both screens always set to max, and with the hoods on I get no issues.

Found the perfect solution


Just seen this, spattered my tea all over the carpet….

Yes screen hoods work, I have been using one for years on my iPad mini’s since the Phantom 3 came out, mine completely covers all 4 side of the iPad and I have never had a problem with not seeing the screen. My iPad has never shutdown because of overheating so maybe they help in that way too. I fly 3 batteries at least once a week, weather permitting, cheers Len

I have one I made for my iPad Mini 5, it barely makes any difference to the abysmal brightness on the iPad Mini.

I had this problem and decided to go for goggles. I got the Destek V5 and use Litchi so the screen can be viewed in FPV. Works a treat and you can see much more.

I bought a STARTRC shroud for my controller and phone. It fits ok but you tend to have to hold the controller flatter to see the screen.
Invested in a TRIPLTEK at the end of the year and it’s much better at 1200n but the drawback is that it is heavy and makes the controller top heavy.

I’ve tried fpv goggles, the guy that sold me the mini2 owns an RC model shop. He flew a wee drone about the shop to let me see what it was like. I was sick and couldn’t stand straight so goggles definitley not for me unfortunately.

My plan is to buy the tripletek eventually but at the moment there are other priorities higher up the list. I could stick it on the card but I try not to use it unless I have to, I never manage to pay the bloody things off quickly enough and end up paying way more than I should!!!

I bought it on my card that you get a 1p for every £1 you spend. Small reward but also gave me a month to pay without accruing interest.
The delivery charge was about $46 dollars I think. I also bought the clip that is made for the DJI controller.
@yorkie9668 did have a couple of clips but they’ve probably been sold now.


Still have 1 left

I had the same feeling at first, once you get used to it the benefits are great.

How can that work with VLOS though? I know you can have a spotter but 99% of my drone use is solitary and I prefer to keep it that way. Along with photography it’s one of my few chill times.

You are correct, when I’m using the goggles I have a spotter (usually the wife)
Other flights solo I will use VLOS.

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Hehe, lucky you. My wife has absolutely no interest in my photography or drones. The only time she shows interest is when I produce something worthy of printing and hanging on the wall, and they’re few and far between!!!