Do you want 3D Printed Accessory's?


Thanks mate.

Will be better with the driver / co-driver in it and put in a display case.


I’d love some Strobon Cree light holders instead of the Velcro I’m using. Can you do them?


Wait, is that the model?

I thought it was an example photo of the car.

That’s incredible.



Mental eh???

I must have stared at it for ten minutes trying to decide if it was real or not!!!

Incredible work by @Yorksnproud :+1:


Is this question for me?


Sorry, it’s for the OP. Oops


Pinging @CloudUAV. :+1:


A practical mount/holder I can use my Mavic 2 pro remote and an iPad Pro 12.9”
That would be my ideal setup.



Thank you :+1:


I didn’t know which, if any would interest you.


I had one before to mount a normal sized iPad but I have the iPad Pro 12.9” which has a nice big screen. Would be awesome if a mount existed for that.


I know you can get an adaptor for the Phantom series from a 9.7 to 12.9, I’m not sure if the controller would feel a little heavy supporting that weight though.


How much would one of these bad boys cost?


My current mount I use for the Mavic will open to 190mm max, how deep is the 12.9?


I’ll have to have a look and work it out, any particular colour?


probably a black one, im going to velcro it to the back of the TV i think


I’ll have a look at it tomorrow and let you know.


I had one that mounted up to 10” which was a bit uncomfortable to hold, perhaps more a design flaw. Maybe a way to have a strap attached which can be attached to the body to support the weight of the iPad. I’m no expert on this but I’m sure there must be a wat to produce something like that.


Anything is possible, especially if you can work CAD software.
A design to find the right balance for such a large iPad would be needed first and then someone that is good at CAD.
I’m not at that level yet, I’ve only just had a couple of minutes with Fusion 360 so I’m a complete novice.