Does anyone actually use the DJI GO editor?

Curious really…

Do any of you use the video editor that’s built in to the GO4 app?

Personally, I’ve never even clicked on it, never mind used it :blush:

Am I missing a trick here?

Never touched it, do all the editing on my PC

Nope. Like GoPro, DJI seem to want to supply all your editing needs. Stick with what you know, I say. Find a decent piece of editing software (PC or Mac) and stay with it.

The only use I can see for the DJI editor is if you want to create a ‘quick and dirty’ video to share with friends you might be with.

i do not save to device only to mavics sd card as i feel live feed recording to device and bird can cause lagging after a while imo.

I think it is underrated and improving all the time.

My last two videos were both edited on there and I’m very happy with them.

I could no doubt do a better job on a Mac or PC but this is to a standard that I never will get round to it. 99% of people wouldn’t notice the difference.

Here’s one…


i avoid it now. I don’t like it at all lol. plus it kills the quality in my opinion.