Does anyone fly an air 2s with dronelink? (On android)

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of using dronelink and android devices with an air 2s? My phones a bit out of date to run the dronelink app. Seems like a bit of a mine field choosing a upgrade asthe more i read into the harder it gets. Theres a google docs thats fairley recent where people are adding to which shows good and bad compatibility of devices but i thought id just ask. Id like to stay with android and also mobile as opposed to a tablet. I could do with a new phone anyway and even though a bigger screen of a tablet would be great, my current phone is still feeling its age. :flying_saucer:

Not sure if you’ve searched in the search bar, but if you type in dronelink there are lots & lots of topics & questions regarding dronelink, not sure if it will answer your question but maybe worth a look.
There’s plenty of videos on YouTube as well using dronelink with air2s :+1:

Edit : if you follow this video it will tell you if your device is good enough to run the app,


Cheers @Kirky i did the little confetti :confetti_ball: test the weekend. No joy im afraid :pensive: its all choppy and stutters


Ah ok mate,
I’m guessing a definite device update then, hopefully someone will pick up on this & point you in the right direction, hope you find your solution but if i do see anything device wise or recommendations I’ll drop it here :+1:


Fourth one down in the list, it’s bang on a year ago Samsung S22 ultra with air 2s, your right it is a bit of a mine field but that link may help.

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What phone are you using and why do you want to use Dronelink?

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To fly a pre-planned mission for photogrammetry.

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@Kirky ive been looking at that google docs list. Interesting that an s22 ultra would be ok for an air 2s but not a mini 3 Pro. As in the entry just before the air2s. Theres got to be more people using android devices with dronelink and air 2s. Hard to go and buy an s22 ultra off a single user test. Doesnt say what he was using it for, waypoints, photogrammetry etc. Although it is fairly recent and might be what i get if thats all the info i can find.

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Number 12 on the list, an s21, tested by dronelink themselves says it has ‘high’ performance but doesnt say what drones they tested it with.

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What about Litchi


Map Pilot Pro works well with the Air 2s for photogrammetry It has the advantage that is has terrain following. I used it to do a job for a client with a 350ft height difference and its a bit wierd watching the drone following the contours.

Dronelink has it too but its only on their subscription teirs. I got an samsung s21 and it runsdronlink fine. Although i havent had it up in the air yet. Im planning a mission to photograph a small monument on hill. So im looking at a basic orbit plan. Hopefully it will be teady next week sometime. @briwy just out of interest what gimble pitch/angle do you use?

Straight down. Client didn’t want anything 3d. If they had I would have done two more runs. One each way.

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Hi, I have been using Dronelink mapping for around 3 years firstly on an Mavic Mini, then a Mini 2 and the mini 3 pro. I find it a great programme and fully recommended it, they have a great forum and Jim Andrews is very helpful should you have any questions or issues. I have used the Samsung s10 on all these drones and it worked fine but due to it’s age and for security reasons purchased a used S20+ solely for the drones. It works very well with both DJI and dronelink on the rc-1n and can recommend this combination. Unfortunately I don’t have an Air2 or s21 but see no reason why this combination wouldn’t work fine. Hope this helps and good luck with the s21 and dronelink

@Technician1330 hi thanks barry. Ive tested the s21 its ok although not been in the air with it. Ive planned a mission and checked to see if it updated on the mobile. And its ok. Lokking forward to getting out in the field.

just to let others know, ive tested the dronelink map with the air 2s on a samsung s21 with the rc-n1 controller and everythig worked ok. i made this quick orbit plan with around 30 photos. and a simple spiral video which ill post in abit. the scan was processed in metashape standard version. all done in minutes as it was only a few photos. It was too windy and you can noticebley see from the footage how it effected the flight path. Ill be going back to do a proper set of missions, if anyones in the birmingham/blackcountry/west mids area and want to join they can :flying_saucer:


have used dronelink with an air2s ( also air2 and mini2 ) with Tripltek T7121 tablet , get warning that tablet is not suitable , but loads and executes missions created on the desktop without issue.

Have tried creating missons on tablet but this appears to be where the grunt is required / lacking .

Also works without issue or warning on a Pixel 5A and a Samsung S10E .

Makes good 3d renders in conjunction with webodm

BTW if buying dronelink ‘upgrades’ you might want to use a VPN otherwise $ = £ , I have also used litchi , which is cheaper , includes some dronelink upgrades ( file IO ) as standard , however have found map flight planning a faff.

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