Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?


@PingSpike @OzoneVibe ?

Some notes on using Litchi
Drax Power Station - Quick Fly Around

Hope they will let litchi officially run on the smart controller,if they do,i’m in!!!:+1::+1:


I started this this other day … Some notes on using Litchi … more to explain some of the quirks of using it than anything else.

A dedicated video category? Probably not enough Litchi activity … atm. But let’s see what transpires.


You could use the default controller just for Litchi?


Good thought Dave,but really would like it on the smart controller,as i like the bright screen,and hey,it cost me lots of $$ :rofl::rofl:


Perhaps, as an intermediate stage, a Litchi dedicated thread in #videos?

(We seem to have hijacked this thread of @milkmanchris for that already … ooops! :wink: )


It took aagggeeessss for DJI to release the SDK for the Mavic Air.

But when they did, it took the guys at Litchi only eight days to have a working beta released :clap:t2:

(Details of that are here)

So I’d safely bet that as soon as the SmartController SDK is released, Litch will Ben on the case in next to no time :slight_smile:

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I was in bright sunshine on Wednesday … no probs with seeing Litchi on my phone. The map is nice and contrasty and easy to see … video feed minimised just to monitor, since the whole idea is that Litchi controls that.


Hope your right Rich,as will definitely get it,also the ipad mini is earmarked for the Autel Evo :+1::+1:


I got one of these and have used in Greece, Portugal and Tenerife (and lots in the UK) really does a great job for a couple of quid.


Question Dave,if litchi programs your drone ,could you turn off your controller and let the drone “do its thing”?


Absolutely! It will go where you don’t have any connection.

Check out my “go to” thread for distance Litchi and Obstacle Avoidance demos …

Did not understand Litchi Reverse


I believe you can yes as the mission is sent to the drone and if it loses touch it still continues


It’s also the reason why Litchi doesn’t cache video to your device during the flight … they are totally expecting it to be too far away to do so. :wink:


The more i hear about litchi ,the more tempted i become!:thinking:


Nothing to stop you using the other remote! :wink:

… in the meantime! :+1:


very true,but am now playing with go4 waypoints!:rofl:


Check out the litchi mission hub, game changer been able to plan them on the PC at home


Can you set Go4 waypoints up on your computer on HiRes Google Maps? … on a LARGE sceen?

Can you send them (via Virtual Litchi Mission) to a fly-by in Google Earth? … Flying in London! wink

Can you save them and sync them between devices?

Can you edit them and save different versions?