Does anyone use

Hi All,

Has anyone come a cross a websire called ViewBug. I only ask because I have been ‘invited’ to share some of my photos there. Any help appreciated.


I’ve been on viewbug years, there’s a lot of good competitions on there… But also a lot of professional photographers that submit a lot better pictures than me.
Needless to say I’ve never won anything


Thank you. That is most helpful

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Been on View bug for quite a while. Just a basic free member. Not won any comps yet! :pensive:

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Thanks guys. I’m already pissed with the amount of emails they send out and I am not paying to display photos. Just wondered as I had an invitation in my junk mail.

I signed up for a free account and get at least two emails a day from them to go premium, PicFair are the same.

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Also “YouPic” are bad, here is an example spam mail I get daily…

We would love to feature you in the exclusive YouPic Pro community photo book called “HOPE”, distributed to our media partners. Great networking for you for sure!

Join PRO today with this exclusive 70% discount code and you will automatically get enrolled. Use the code BOOK70LAST and go PRO here:

Last chance today!


Thanks Philip, I have blocked their emails. I think I will just stick with the two I am on which is Clickasnap and (for now) PicFair. They will do for me.
For anyone who doesn’t know about clickasnap, it is a photo sharing/selling site (a new start-up about 3-4 years ago) and they actually pay you for your photo being viewed. Don’t get too excited as the payment for a ‘paid view’ is 0.4 cents (atm, but has risen twice in the last 18 months) and the image has to be viewed for 5 seconds, but it is money for nothing. It is a good community and the owner/creator is constantly contactable and is genuine.
As an example, I paid for a years ‘Pro’ account (about £50) in February and by the end of this month will already have made that back. You can redeem your money at any point after you have earned $15 (views or sales - not made any sales yet).
Not recruiting or anything - just putting it out there for anyone who might be interested. Happy to answer questions.


@Mavic2Pro never heard of “Clickasnap” will give it a go thanks for the info.

No problem. Just don’t expect to be a millionaire by next week lol. But you do earn money for paid views (a view of 5 seconds). If you want to have a look at my profile: