Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) Airport

Currently closed to air traffic

But windy, but the Mini 2 handled it well.

Straight off the drone a littl ebloom filter added in Kuula


How did ya mate get on with the non-existent NFZ :grinning:


Fine, just updated the fly safe database and not the rc software :sunglasses:


As @Howard78 said, an update to the fly database worrked (first one I have done in about 5 years)

Although I have DH removal activated, its nice to not get the annoying popup messages ;o)

Is that the Vulcan bomber sat on the extremely short runway/ parking area ?

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Indeed it is

Ahh, saw XH558 at Bruntingthorpe many years ago. :wink::wink:

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@milkmanchris chris, is that using an older v of app can I ask, I’ve been holding off doing it just incase it messes anything up,

If it is I’m guessing I can just update the flysafe within the app & not update anything else,

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Yeah no update of anything frimware or app wise. It asks if you want to update the ‘fly safe database’, click yes and takes about a minute.

The areas then become flyable after a ticking a box to say you take full responsibility ;o)

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You can do just this mate. I did it on the rc pro

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Thanks guys, yes I have the rc pro rm 510

Just out of curiosity in the check list where it says home point updated top left, did you get a message or any messages saying something to this effect, geo awareness function degraded or similar, ?
Sorry for the question & thank you once again :+1:t2:

I didn’t notice but will check the air data.

I think one others flying said something about a similar warning though

Thank you mate,
I think but not 100% sure which I read a while back on a DJI forum, is if I remember rightly although the database has been updated within the app, some people had to update & or refresh the FW on their drones ( which I’m not advising ) was just what I read, so this was my only reason for holding off, I maybe over thinking :smile: but if & when any of you guys next connect your drones / controllers I would really appreciate if you could kindly let me know what the check box says, many thanks & sorry if this topic has gone off topic,
Thanks for the input ….

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Nice shot there Chris @milkmanchris :saluting_face:

While i was doing the drainage at said place :+1:

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Erie site🙂

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