Double tasking

My excuses are that I was driving both the sprayer and the drone at the same time and as the sprayer is worth a quarter of a million then I was concentrating rather more on that. Must be good for a multi tasking badge?:grin:


If you paste the YouTube link into its own line in the post (without using the link button) it creates an embedded player. :wink:

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Straight over my head, multitasking yes, simple stuff unfortunately not.

Before ……


After …


You sir, are a perfect gentleman. Thank you :pray:


Like the music! :+1:

What stops those long spray arms burying themselves in the dirt if the vehicle hits a bump? DJI gimbal? :wink:

At last I can prove to her indoors that men can multitask, it beats pealing potatoes and ironing at the same time…:clown_face:

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Two things, firstly the fear of having to pay for a set and secondly they are constantly monitored by sensors pointing at the ground. I say that I’m steering it, actually it’s driving itself but I have to be there.

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I’ll keep that from her then, but her species has a nose for finding things out…:vampire:‍♀