Downward-facing Strobon CREE mounts for the Mavic Pro


Had an email from Mike Singer today at - some of you may have also had the same email.

He’s made some downward-facing Strobon Cree mounts :+1:t2:

Available to purchase from:

Sadly, the cost of shipping to the UK makes some of Mike’s stuff prohibitive :confused:

And without wishing to harm his trade, if anyone in the UK were able to produce these on their 3D printer, I’m pretty sure you’d have a captive audience here!


I still prefer my cable-tie method. :wink: (can leave them on full time and it still folds OK)

Also … judging by how those LED props of mine caught the very small clasps of the cable ties, I’d imagine the DJI quieter props (that the LED props are made from) might also catch the top of that mount. :thinking: