Drax in the snow

Not much snow, but we don’t get a lot with the mini climate this place puts around us

Mini 2 all done by itself, bloom filter added in Kuula


Nice one Chris, is was wondering if you’d be up around Drax today when I saw the snow, sadly I was visiting the rellies (relatives) just up the road at Thorpe Willoughby so couldn’t get up…then the damn stuff melted. Happy New Year.

Cheers Brian, to you too.

Had a wander down to see if the biomass train was about, but must have missed it, too cold to hang about for the next one ;o(

Mist came in quickly, closer to my village


Snow enough for the Ice Flyer Badge to be added to your profile. :+1:

How come you never had that one? LOL!

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Never snows ;o)

Im gonna try bag more

You get more snow your way than I do down here.

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