Drax Power Station (again)

My most local flying spot, I find the towers very picturesque even though I look at them every day.

Last night about 1730, MP, bit of HDR in Snapseed


Very Nice.
We have West Burton and Cottam down here, and they provide some great drone photo opportunities.

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Nice picture MilkManChris, you don’t work there do you? I know a man who does!

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I have a LOT to learn about photography!!!

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That’s a cracking photo Chris :+1:t2:


No, I live in the next door village ;o)

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There were some good opportunities this morning from what I could see, did you get out?

That’s a Great Picture Chris !!

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Currently on night shift :slightly_frowning_face: so no flying for a few days.

I suppose on the plus side if we do get some nice weather you’ll see the nice sunrises?

Just occasionally, we don’t call it the cloud factory for nothing :wink:



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Love it Chris !!
Happy times of working there years ago !.

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Awesome! :+1::+1:

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And again while walking the dog just now

Never tire of this place as a backdrop.