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Hi all i will be buying a DJI Mini 2 in a few weeks so was glad to had found this site love reading all the tips and advice so my question is whats the best advice you would give me as a beginner (i have my drone ID and pilot ID)

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Read the manual then go and fly.
It’s all about muscle memory in your fingers and hand to eye coordination.

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I too am a new drone flying, with just over 3 hours flying time. Find a big playing field with no one using it. Fly not too high and keep it within 30 metres of yourself at all times. Practice lift off and landing, get the feel of the controls, practice ascending, descending, turning right, left, yaw right and yaw left. Then try flying in a square, make a circle, this is more demanding. Fly slow and make gentle movements on the joysticks.

Recognise the orientation you are flying in, nose forward, rear facing you, change orientation and see how this effects the controls, learn how to get the drone back into orientation. Doing these type of exercises will build your confidence.


Search these forums :smiley:

In all seriousness, there is years worth of experience and advice to be found here and I dare say the combined flight knowledge and experience of the members here would span several centuries. Searching for things like “newbie” and “flight advice” should yield good results with recent topics of discussion on this very subject too.

If you have any specific questions that haven’t been covered already please do fire up a new thread in the #questions-and-answers category.

Welcome to GADC @Gazlight :smiley:


Hi Gareth and welcome from the Black Country.
Any questions, just ask. We’ve: done it, had it, flown it, crashed it, waited for parts from China, fixed it, done it wrong, fixed it again, flown it, crashed it again, etc, you get where I’m coming fom.
No question is stupid, but it’s stupid to not ask the question and get the answer you need.

Until you know what you’re doing, always look at the drone, not the screen, keep it in sight, get up to about 15-20 feet out of ground effect and practice, practice, practice!

If you don’t crash you’ll be a rarity. Just get out there and enjoy!


Thanks for replying i will take a look :+1:

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Thanks i will take will definitely take on board all your advice :+1:

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This is an excellent video, well worth looking at.

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Thanks this was really helpful will be trying the out when i get my drone :+1:

Look at all the Utube Clips that are about flying the Mini 2…Lots of them. Enjoy :smile:

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Just one of many extremely helpful videos @ianinlondon has put together regarding the Mini 2. Plenty of other videos on his channel as well covering rules and regs as well as wind tests and the like.

I can honestly say that Ian’s channel along with this forum has played a massive part in me growing in confidence as a drone operator, so it gets a massive thumbs up from me.


Have a good look around before venturing out. Telephone and electric wire are very hard to see on your phone while flying. The Mini 2 is a great drone and very stable and don’t forget if you are in doubt. Fly up, there’s less chance of hitting anything.

Excellent advise that… :smile:


Hi Gareth, if you havent purchased the Air 2 yet i recommend gor for Air2s if you can top up another £100. I also bought air 2 and looking at the the 1" sensor and its image quality in low light is amazing.

I truly regret now why did i bother about the £100 difference.

Some may disagree with me but this is my advice.

Thanks i don’t think I’ve even looked at the air 2 :+1:


I’ve got a DJI Mini 2.

Firstly, I familiarised myself with HUD in the DJI iOS Fly App. All the symbols and icons on the display. I always do the pre-flight check with every flight.

Secondly, the RTH Altitude set lower than the max allowed altitude. (100meters and 120 meters respectively)

In case of emergency, there are 3 choices. RTH, Hover or Land. I set mine to RTH.

As previously advised basic controls. I flew mine in a park multiple times. At a 3 meter altitude and practised circles, squares and triangles.

All is only imho. Hope it helps