Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DRES)

Are you flying today? If not you could have saved a day by registering tomorrow … or more if you’d waited until you do.

I’m raking in the pennies … :wink:

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Just got my line all done.
Test was straight forward.
All went fairly smoothly really.

It is live now

This is what I don’t get because isn’t the deadline to be registered 30 November 2019? So then what will happen to all those people that get their first drone as a Christmas present? Definitely food for thought!

Why the sarcasm.
Being as you are an admin please delete my membership

That me done! was hoping to put id in M2 battery comatment, but says has to be displayed outside so put it on back leg!

Just did the theory test 20 / 20 quite straight forward but not registering yet, I’ll let fpvuk do that.

How did you do this?

All good here, registered as a operator and flier, test was simple, 20 out of 20.

Think a little clarification needed as to if your registration number is allowed in the battery compartment of the drone or not

In all honestly though, I don’t see how any of this is going to stop people who don’t want to register. I have a drone which flies over the gardens in my neighbourhood at about 20 meters up, hovering around having a look, possibly filming as well - some neighbours have hot tubs - this is not going to stop a flier like that and it is this type of flier which gets all drone fliers a bad reputation



Its because of them that registration has happened!


Just sat down, logged in to the link provided by the CAA, took a stiff slug of coffee and took the test.

It took about 10 minutes, went without a hitch and, more importantly, I passed.

Have to say, apart from the £9 fee , which is extortion, the whole process was no problem at all.

Just need to get the labels printed off now. I did think at one stage I was allowed to put them in the battery compartment but the guidelines state it has to be outside, in plain sight, like the US.

Good luck to everyone else taking it over the next x days. Peter


Registration was on the cards anyway as part of the EASA regulations.

They just brought it forward a year to look as if they were doing something.


Haha then everything will change again when the new EASA regulations come in to place

Yes but the registration part will stay the same.

I’m not registering until January (using my FPV UK) exemption.

Meanwhile, an option for labels: https://www.droneusermagazine.com/shop


Eh no because it puts your phone number on the sticker rather than your operator ID

All complete made payment then error occurred no user id given yet but a receipt is received for payment

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Received an email from the CAA to register with a link to the registration… Guess what… It still says to bookmark the link and apply on the 5th Nov… aaargh, very frustrating. How are these dim wits supposed to keep the skies safe when they simple mistake like this happen?

I thought the registration could go in the battery compartment as well but having taken the test you get instructions directing you to place the reg number on the outside, in plain sight.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought otherwise , I was starting to wonder…