Drone assist app layers advice

Evening all. I’m after a bit of advice when using drone assist. Which layers/switches should be used.they are currently all on and there’s almost nowhere I can fly. Lol

Thanks, Kris

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Turn off upper airspace

Or use our own DroneScene (that’s off by default) for much better experience

I have everything set bar upper airspace.


Use our own dronescene.co.uk … designed for drone pilots by drone pilots. (As in via input from GADC members.)


… but still sound advice.


PS. Drone Scene has ALL the same info as Drone Assist (all from the same Altitude Angel data), plus so much more drone flying relevant info available in the various layers.



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In an App form that you can submit flight plans?

Who needs an app? Most are just a browser pointing at a website.

On both iOS and Android you can create a home screen shortcut.

And, yes, you can submit flight reports …


I submit my flight plans via Drone Assist as that’s the only way I get emailed the pretty PDF file, which is sometimes a nice to have on the ground next to you when you’re flying in a highly public place to make things look a little more official. (about the only flights i submit flight plans for)

Whenever I’ve submitted via Drone Scene, I don’t get this PDF emailed to me. I think you can’t change the shape of the drawing in Drone Scene either?

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